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I Roast Bill Parcells

Check out my Saturday column in the Star-Telegram.  I roast Bill Parcells for laying the blame on Tony Romo as the reason his quit coaching.

It’s typical garbage from Parcells.  He is a big baby.  He was a good football coach but he’s not a very nice guy.  I think he’s a selfish bastard to tell you the truth.

He never won a playoff game or a NFC East title in his tenure in Dallas.

Former Dallas Cowboy Pro Bowler Gets Degree

I always liked La Roi Glover when he played defensive tackle for the Cowboys.  Too bad he got run off by Bill Parcells for the Tuna’s pet Jason Ferguson, who was absolutely a bust in Big D.

Glover is now in St. Louis.  He recently went back to school to earn his college degree in Public Adminstration.  As a six time Pro Bowler, he’s got a boatload of cash in the bank.

He told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch,  “Now that I have three children, it was important for me to show them … the importance of going back and getting it.”

Jason Witten of the Cowboys recently got his college degree from Tennessee.  It’s good to see players understand the importance of a degree and the message it sends to kids and fellow players.

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