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Tank Johnson Misses Practice

Nosetackle Terry “Tank” Johnson had to miss practice today for the Cowboys with a sprained ankle. 

Coach Wade Phillips says Tank should be able to play Sunday against the Redskins.

Folks, this why you have depth on your roster, especially up front.  Last year, Jason Ferguson, was gone in the first game and the Cowboys were lucky Jay Ratliff grew into the position, but he never had a backup.

Ratliff is still the starter at nosetackle ahead of Johnson, but now the Cowboys have a legit backup in Marcus Spears, if Johnson can’t go the whole game.

Small move, but one that leads to championships.

Why Jerry Jones Is Signing The T.O.’s & Pacman’s

Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones tells ESPN’s Outside The Lines why he likes to sign the bad boys of the NFL like Terrell Owens and Pacman Jones.

Watch the video here.

Columnist Says Cowboys Players Won’t Watch Pacman Jones

Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News penned a very nice column on the Cowboys players take on newly acquired corner Adam “Pacman” Jones.

They ain’t taking care of him and he if cuts up, it’s on him.

That’s how they are in that locker room.  I know it, I cover it.   Just like Terrell Owens and Tank Johnson came to Valley Ranch with baggage, the guys in the room never allowed that their past issues to take away from their focus on the field.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo taking a bunch of teammates to Mexico with Jessica Simpson during the bye week of the playoffs is another story.

Taylor pens a piece that lets you know how guys think about their new nickel cornerback:

But the players insist they’re not going to be part of Jerry Jones’ security force.

They’re not going to be chaperoning Pacman. Or calling him to make sure he’s home by midnight. Or having the bouncers at various strip clubs phone them when he’s on the premises.

Nor should they. It’s not their responsibility.

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