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Brad Johnson Just Got A Lot Better

Brad Johnson now has Roy Williams and Terrell Owens to throw to.  Patrick Crayton will get some single coverage and Jason Witten will also get a bunch of single coverage as well.

Johnson is 40, but these weapons will make him feel young again this Sunday in St. Louis.

What about T.O.?  Matt Mosley of writes Mr. Owens is happy about the trade of Williams.

Details On The Roy Williams Trade

Here is the skinny on the Cowboys-Lions trade.

The Lions will receive the Cowboys’ 2009 first-round pick, a third-round pick and sixth-round pick.

The Cowboys get Detroit’s 2009 seventh-round pick in the Williams trade, plus the Tennessee Titans 2009 fifth-round pick now that cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones has been suspended at least four games for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

This is the official press release from the Cowboys:

For Immediate Release

October 14, 2008 

The Dallas Cowboys traded for wide receiver Roy Williams from the Detroit Lions today. The fifth-year receiver is a product of the University of Texas and a native of Odessa, Texas. Williams earned his first trip to the Pro Bowl following the 2006 season after posting career-high numbers for receptions (82) and receiving yards (1,310) along with seven touchdowns. For his career he has 262 catches for 3,884 yards with 29 touchdowns in 60 games with 56 starts.  

The Cowboys gave up their first, third and sixth round choices in 2009 for Williams and Detroit’s seventh-round choice in 2009.

Roy Williams: I got a lot of people to shut up

Here it is.  My column from today’s Star-Telegram on Cowboys safety Roy Wiliams.  Be sure to check out the interview on Friday August 29th on NBC 5 at 7PM in our Cowboys preseason special.

Enjoy it and let me know your thoughts!!

There is a love-hate relationship with the Metroplex media and Dallas Cowboys safety Roy Williams. He went from a media favorite his rookie season to a player who rarely came into the locker room during media access last season.

He has been put down and told he’s no good by one too many media members for his liking.

Redemption. That is what the 2008 NFL season is about for Roy Williams.

The four-time Pro Bowler has lost weight and changed his number back to 38, which he wore at Oklahoma.

I spoke with Williams for 35 minutes Sunday off camera and we spoke for another 35 minutes on camera Tuesday.

Do you read the paper? I read the paper now. It’s important. I need to know what people are really feeling, what they are saying about me.

As you’ve read it, what did you find out? It fueled me. It fueled me up. That’s why this season is going to be a good season. I got a lot of people to shut up.

You feel the media coverage of you is unfair? Have I been done wrong? Probably. I mean I feel the best thing for me to do is not to talk. I don’t have any anger toward them. I do interviews now. I have actually done interviews with people who have said stuff about me. There is no anger there.

Do you take it personally? Yeah, I take it personally.

Do you have thick skin? Why should I have thick skin? I am a human being. I’m not saying I’m a sensitive person, but when you attack somebody’s character and you don’t have anything positive to say about somebody, why should I be overjoyed to be having an interview with somebody who’s been tearing me up, and you have all these other fans buying into the stuff … and it’s not even correct.

Then you want to put a microphone in my mouth and smile in front of my face? No. Don’t be like that. Shoot me straight. I’m a grown man. You don’t have to lie to me.

How do you feel about your cover skills? I feel great about them. I feel great about my cover skills. Great.

What if you aren’t playing on third downs? I don’t have a problem with that. Our main goal is to win games, and that’s what I want to do. If me being on the sideline and letting Anthony [Henry] and Adam [Jones] go in there and play, that’s totally fine by me. I’m not bigger than the team.

Any forgiveness toward your critics? Football is a show-me game. I am under a microscope, which is a good thing. But this season … is my season. I’m gettin’ down. Until I leave here I’m gettin’ down. I’m not playing for them [critics], but I want to let them know ain’t nothing wrong with me. I got this. I’m going to do this. I love this game. I love my teammates and being a Cowboy.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said Williams has been having a fine training camp. As for battles with the local media, time will either expose Williams or promote him.

Newy Scruggs is the sports director at NBC 5.

Roy Williams vs. The DFW Media

Coming up Saturday’s edition of the Star-Telegram, Page 2 to be exact, my column will be on Cowboys Pro Bowl safety Roy Williams and his battle with the DFW media.

Roy went from a guy everyone liked his rookie year to a player who is seen as defensive and sensitive.

In the piece I ask Roy if he has thick skin.  He responded, saying, “Why should I have thick skin?  I am a human being.  I’m not saying I’m a sensitive person, but when you attack somebody’s character and you don’t have anything positive to say about somebody, why should I be overjoyed to be having an interview with somebody who’s been tearing me up and you have all these other fans buying into the stuff…and it’s not even correct.

Then you want to put a microphone in my mouth and smile in front of my face? No. Don’t be like that.  Shoot me straight. I’m a grown man.  You don’t have to lie to me.”

Make sure you check out the  tommorrow for it.

Earthquake Shakes Up My Interview

I was doing a sit down interview at Cowboys Camp in Oxnard, California ,with Cowboys Pro Bowl safety Roy Williams and an earthquake hit.

I felt my chair rocking back and forth.  I thought maybe one of the players got behind me and was shaking my chair.

As we are taping Roy says, “You feel that earthquake?” 

I said yeah and Roy replied, “That’s a tremor…an earthquake.”

T.O. came running out of his room and said, “Y’all feel that?”   Tony Romo walked past us and talked about it.   So did other players like Jason Witten and Brad Johnson. 

It was a 5.4 earthquake on the Ritcher scale.  Roy broke it down for us because he is from Northern California.

I didn’t freak out because I used to live in Los Angeles so I was cool.  Been there, done that. My photographer Noah Bullard had never been through one.  He acted like he just kissed a girl for the first time.  He was all excited.

I will have video of this Earthquake Interview tonight at 5 and 6 PM on NBC 5 News.   I’ll even do something at 10 PM.

Media Allowed To Watch Cowboys OTA’s

The voluntary practices continue at Valley Ranch for the Cowboys.  For some reason the media think it’s a big deal that Roy Williams is back at the OTA’s after skipping last week.  Roy went on a cruise with his family.

Linebacker Greg Ellis was missing today.  Should we be alarmed?  I just don’t think it is a big deal.  It is voluntary. 

My man Nick Eatman has more from

NFL Players Deserve A Life In Off-Season

Somewhere along the way “voluntary” Organized Team Activities in the National Football League became a must-attend event for coaches, fans and media.

Sorry, players have lives.

Six years ago, former Cowboys linebacker Darren Hambrick uttered his best line, “What does voluntary mean?”

D-Ham was criticized at the time for not attending the club’s OTAs because he was unhappy with his contract. Players who have contract issues and complaints skip the “voluntary” OTAs. That doesn’t make them bad guys.

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson has destroyed his good-guy image with his trade demands and his unnecessary public spat with head coach Marvin Lewis and the organization.

Johnson is not wrong to boycott the OTAs because the players association has a deal with the owners that protects the players from being forced to participate.

Mandatory mini-camps are different. All players must show up.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe players should attend OTAs because it will make their teams better, but guys don’t have to have perfect attendance. I certainly can’t recall who decided not to come to all of last year’s voluntary work at Valley Ranch.

Bullies like Miami Dolphins president Bill Parcells want players to live and train year-round at the team’s complex.

Pro Bowl defensive end Jason Taylor skipped Dolphins workouts to participate on the hit show, Dancing with the Stars, and has angered the Tuna. Taylor’s situation has gotten so bad that he has asked the Dolphins to trade him.

It’s a shame, because Taylor was recently named the NFL’s Man of the Year for his work in South Florida. He’s the kind of player Parcells needs, but because he wants a life in the off-season, he is looked at as not being a team player.

Bears defensive end Adewale Ogunleye supported Taylor’s dancing on a Sirius NFL radio program this week. Ogunleye said too many NFL players never develop skills outside of football during their off-seasons and end up lost. Cowboys safety Roy Williams is on vacation with his family with the OK of coach Wade Phillips. In the eyes of some people who cover the team, you’d have thought he committed a crime.

There is a lot of speculation about Williams’ comfort and role in the defense, but missing one week of four scheduled weeks of OTAs will not get him cut.

The players don’t get paid for voluntary football practices. Voluntary means of one’s free will.

We should remember that.

Newy Scruggs is the sports director at NBC 5.

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