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Jessica Simpson Wants To Marry Tony Romo

Ree Hines of has a story that smells of desperation.   Dallas native Jessica Simpson wants Tony Romo to pop the question.

They have dated six months.  I hope Romo takes it slow.  He is still a young man.   Win a Super Bowl first.  Heck, win a playoff game first.  He’s got plenty of time to get married.

Hines writes: “(Jessica would) love nothing more than to get married before Ashlee,” a source revealed to Star. “It upsets her that her little sister will be married and she won’t. She gets jealous when Ash gets more attention.”

That’s where Jessica’s six-month romance with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo comes in. “She’s been showing him rings in magazines,” the insider said. “She tells him what she likes, and she does it right in front of his friends, too, so it’s really awkward.”

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