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Cowboys Lose

The Redskins came out and played a better football game. 

Two stats tell the game.  161 yards of rushing and 38 minutes time of possession.

The Redskins controlled the clock and kept the Cowboys offense off the field.  Nice job by rookie head coach Jim Zorn.

The Cowboys only ran the ball 11 times.  That is shameful.

Marion Barber only had 8 carries.  I’m sorry isn’t he a Pro Bowl running back? 

Jason Garrett is the highest paid NFL assistant and he didn’t do a good job of halftime adjustments and he gave up on the run too quick.

Brian Stewart’s defense had 12 men on the field and lost the opportunity to get the ball and time back in the 4th quarter.  Even head coach Wade Phillips couldn’t defend it.

My Cowboys Crystal Ball

I’m looking into the crystal ball and it’s telling me the Cowboys will win today over the Redskins.

I am looking deep…..very deep for a score.

Cowboys 32  Redskins 17.

BTW, I’m 3-0 on my picks this year.  I was one of the bold media who picked the Cowboys to win in Green Bay last week.

Tank Johnson Misses Practice

Nosetackle Terry “Tank” Johnson had to miss practice today for the Cowboys with a sprained ankle. 

Coach Wade Phillips says Tank should be able to play Sunday against the Redskins.

Folks, this why you have depth on your roster, especially up front.  Last year, Jason Ferguson, was gone in the first game and the Cowboys were lucky Jay Ratliff grew into the position, but he never had a backup.

Ratliff is still the starter at nosetackle ahead of Johnson, but now the Cowboys have a legit backup in Marcus Spears, if Johnson can’t go the whole game.

Small move, but one that leads to championships.

NFL Reminder: Thursday Night Opener On NBC 5

NFL fans, the season starts Thursday!!!

NBC 5 has the Giants-Redskins opener and it starts at 6PM!

Remember, a 6 PM start from the Meadowlands.

Rick Gosselin’s Final Mock Draft

Newdawg blog readers know I’m a big time fan of Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News. 

Goose is a tremendous writer and he talks to all the teams.  One day I had him on NBC 5 and he had spoken to five NFL GM’s that day.

He’s got the Cowboys taking a running back and a corner in the first round.   Click for the entire mock draft.

Felix Jones of Arkansas and Brandon Flowers of Virginia Tech.

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