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Jerry Jones Fires The Babysitters

Since the NFL suspended Pacman, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones decided to fire the 4-man security/babysitting team he had in place for Pacman Jones.

Pacman is free to roam the streets of Dallas all he wants.   Sorry, I don’t see him cleaning up his act.  I think he’s played his last game for the Dallas Cowboys.

Pacman Cover Up

What did you expect the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to do?  Admit Pacman Jones was drunk and fought his team issued bodyguard and broke a mirror at a Dallas hotel.  Come on now.

Cover up is what Jerry Jones does best. 

Ask Michael Irvin how he made out nicely after stabbing teammate Everett McIver with scissors back in the glory days.

Jerry had his “story” about the fight, “These guys were joking, were kidding, having fun, right up until the time they went into the restroom,” said Jerry Jones, no relation to either of the bathroom brawlers. “It crossed over into more than that, and it ended quickly.”

No mention that Pacman was allegedly drunk and got his butt kicked by Tommy Jones. Deion Sanders went on the NFL network and said no alcohol was involved. So why did Jerry say about alcohol, “The amount or nature of it — I do know that alcohol was served, I couldn’t verify who was and who wasn’t having a drink, but I do know that I was told first-hand by the witnesses that [Pacman’s] conduct should not be interpreted as over-drinking.”

Jerry said he will take no action against Pacman and hopes the NFL commish Roger Goodell won’t either.

In other words, they need Pacman to play Sunday in Arizona because Terence Newman is out and right now Pacman is the best corner they have.  Oh yeah, the Cardinals like to sling the ball around a lot.

Pacman Fights With His Own Bodyguard

Pacman Jones was supposed to be walking the straight and narrow.  Now the news hits that he was fighting with a member of his own security team.

This bad news because starting corner Terence Newman could miss six weeks because he may need sports hernia surgery according to

My man Clarence Hill of the Star-Telegram is all over this story:

 Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones is in trouble again.

CBS/Channel 11 first reported Wednesday that Jones was involved in a fight Tuesday night at the Joule Hotel in Dallas, damaging a bathroom.

Police were called to the scene, but no charges were filed.

At least two sources confirmed the incident for the Star-Telegram:

According to the sources, Jones was attending a party hosted by the rapper Ludacris, who is in town shooting a movie with actor Mark Wahlberg.

Jones apparently got in a violent scuffle with his bodyguard, Tommy Jones. According to a source, it’s not the first time Jones and his bodyguard have come to blows.

Tuesday’s altercation came less than two weeks after Jones had been told by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to refrain from going out and to keep a lower profile.

Staying out of social situations that could lead to trouble were part of the stipulations of Adam Jones’ reinstatement to the league after being suspended in 2007 for repeated violations of the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

“It’s in his best interest to keep that profile low,” Jerry Jones said recently.

Coincidentally, news of Jones’ latest incident came the same day NFL commissioner Roger Goodell visited the Cowboys’ Valley Ranch facility.

Why Jerry Jones Is Signing The T.O.’s & Pacman’s

Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones tells ESPN’s Outside The Lines why he likes to sign the bad boys of the NFL like Terrell Owens and Pacman Jones.

Watch the video here.

Watch Matt Mosley Of Talk Cowboys Draft

I got a chance to speak with Matt Mosley of after Cowboys GM/owner Jerry Jones met with the local media about the upcoming NFL Draft.

Mosley writes for “Hashmarks”, that is ESPN’s NFL blog.  It’s darn good.

We break down what Jerry said and what they might do, like going into the top ten. 

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