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Bob Costas Thinks T.O. Has Personality Issues

NBC’s Bob Costas has a take on Terrell Owens.  He told a radio station:

“I’m not a psychologist but when you see someone who is often so completely insensitive to the feelings of others and can gratuitously take shots at others and yet when the slightest thing that touches his sensitivities comes up, he breaks down in tears and (says) ‘you don’t understand him.’

“That’s infantile.

(Owens acts like) ‘My feelings are paramount always. The slightest injury to me is a grave injustice. But I can hurl any kind of invective or nonsense at you and be totally insensitive to your feelings and that doesn’t matter.’

That’s how infants view the world.

NFL Reminder: Thursday Night Opener On NBC 5

NFL fans, the season starts Thursday!!!

NBC 5 has the Giants-Redskins opener and it starts at 6PM!

Remember, a 6 PM start from the Meadowlands.

Tonight On Sports Extra From Cowboys Camp

We’ve got a fun lineup from Oxnard tonight on NBC 5.

A side of All Pro tight end Jason Witten.   See how he overcame a tough childhood to become one of the NFL’s best players.

Matt Barrie sits down with Texas Tech rookie Danny Amendola.  Can he make this team and we contrast and compare him to Terrell Owens.

Hall of Fame coach Don Shula is bringing his famous steakhouse to Ft. Worth.  We talk with the Dolphins legendary former head coach.  

Plus Clarence Hill and Mac Engel of the Star-Telegram join us live from Cowboys camp.

That is tonight at 10:30 on NBC 5.

AM Practice Notes

Terence Newman is trying to help coach up Mike Jenkins. He is giving him pointers at practice.  That shows you the type of teammate Newman is.

T-New is out 3 weeks with a groin strain.  I had a chance to talk with him over a bowl of chili last night.  He says he can run straight but can not cut.

At practice rookie Mike Jenkins has been running with the first team along with Adam Jones.

SHAMLESS PLUG:  Matt Barrie will have a story on him tonight at 6pm on NBC 5 sports.

Defensive coordinator Brian Stewart told me not to read too much into Jenkins running with the ones.  He said he was trying not to wear guys out and was experimenting with different combinations.  Alan Ball is injured with an ankle sprain so they are tyring to keep bodies fresh.  They have another practice today.

One thought in throwing Jenkins out there with the one is to get him up to speed. Stewart said that Jenkins will learn more working with Ken Hamlin and Roy Williams than if he just worked with other young guys like himself.

Danny Amendolawill make this team if he can have a good preseason.  The kid makes catches.  The rookie free agent out of Texas Tech has to show he can take a hit in a game.  I hear Jason Garrett really loves the Amendola and he will get a lot of play on the HBO Hard Knocks show.

Ray Sherman says Isaiah Stanback drops passes because he doesn’t look the ball into his hands.  He is trying to run before he catches the football.  I think Stanback will make the team if he can put together some good moments in preseason games. 

Stanback dropped a one handed catch in the end zone during red zone drills.  It was about to be a darn good grab, but he could not hold on.

He is raw, but has the make up to be a good player. 

T.O. looked good…again.  Give that man money and he produces.  If Philly would have just given him that new contract he wanted they would be in a lot better shape.  Oh well, give Jerry Jones credit for taking care of Owens.

Rookie Martellus Bennett needs to stop the drops.  He’s got work to do.

Anthony Henry is playing linebacker in the Cowboys dime package.

Miles Austin had a nice down the field catch from Tony Romo in 11 on 11.

Courtney Brown picked off Romo in the end zone during the Red Zone drill.

It’s All About Tammy Dombeck Looking Good

Gotta love Tammy Dombeck. She’s cool people…but let’s be honest fellas, you like a good looking lady on TV.

And she provides a communtity service….she is the Gridlock buster and keeps you out of bad traffic in DFW.

Now she’s looking even better with some slimdown secrets. Click here for the video!

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