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They Still Won’t Let T.O. Go In Philly

Man, they really aren’t over Terrell Owens in Philadelphia.  Do you see anybody in DFW still harping on Alex Rodriguez leaving the Texas Rangers? No, we’ve moved on around here.

In Philly, they are obessed with it.

Well, the folks in Philly usually get to decide who they will run out of town:  Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson, Randall Cunningham, etc. 

Not with T.O., he talked and acted his way in Philly.  They still are looking back though, Ashley Fox reports.

Why Terrell Owens Is Hard To Like Sometimes

Let’s face it.  T.O. is not for everybody.   The Cowboys wide receiver is playing his old Philly Eagles buddies on Monday Night. That means more T.O. vs Donovan McNabb talk.

The two players were once friends and became enemies.  But it wasn’t T.O.’s fault.  He wrote a book about it and two years later he’s still saying it wasn’t his fault.

My man Tim MacMahon has a great blog up.  T.O. claims he got to big for Philly and too big for Donovan.

Excuse me while I go barf.

Ran Into A Playboy Cover Girl At Cowboys Camp And She Knew Me

I was walking out for the second practice at Cowboys Camp in Onxard and ran into an old friend.  We gave each other a hug and caught up on things.

I knew her back in my LA TV days when we were both covering sports for different stations in the 90’s.

She became a big star and later posed in Playboy magazine and got the cover in Jan 2006.

Who is she, well click here.  Don’t worry the site is 100% clean and safe.

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