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Rick Gosselin’s Final Mock Draft

Newdawg blog readers know I’m a big time fan of Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News. 

Goose is a tremendous writer and he talks to all the teams.  One day I had him on NBC 5 and he had spoken to five NFL GM’s that day.

He’s got the Cowboys taking a running back and a corner in the first round.   Click for the entire mock draft.

Felix Jones of Arkansas and Brandon Flowers of Virginia Tech.

Watch Matt Mosley Of Talk Cowboys Draft

I got a chance to speak with Matt Mosley of after Cowboys GM/owner Jerry Jones met with the local media about the upcoming NFL Draft.

Mosley writes for “Hashmarks”, that is ESPN’s NFL blog.  It’s darn good.

We break down what Jerry said and what they might do, like going into the top ten. 

Watch Rick Gosselin And Newy Scruggs Talk Draft

Almost 12 minutes of solid gold from Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News on

Click here and enjoy the video.

You are welcome to comment below.

Gotta Read’s Monday Morning QB & Mock Draft

I love reading Peter King each Monday. 

Even if he loves up the Patriots all the time.  And I mean all the time.

He’s got his mock draft up.  Here are his Cowboys 1st round picks:

22. Dallas. RB Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois. Jerry Jones is dancing in the draft room — he didn’t have to trade into the top of the draft for a back, and he ends up with a guy some in our business think is better and a lower risk than Darren McFadden. One question, though: Why couldn’t he beat out Pierre Thomas at Illinois two years ago?

28. Dallas. CB Aqib Talib, Kansas. If the Cowboys can get a veteran receiver in exchange for this pick — Roy Williamswould be the preference — they’ll jump at it. If not, they’ll solve the cornerback need and hope to get an experienced receiver this summer.

Now I see no way Mendenhall falls this far, but Steven Jackson fell to the Cowboys a few years ago and Parcells screwed up and traded out of the spot.

On Talib, I’m not sure if the Cowboys like some of his bad habits on the field.

Get your MMQB on!

Rick Gosselin’s Latest Mock Draft 2.0

Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News will join me for Sports Extra this Sunday Night at 10:30 on NBC 5.

He just released his second mock draft.  I love it.

He has the Cowboys taking Cal WR DeSean Jackson at 22 and Kansas CB Aqib Talib at #28.

 I’ve got 28 other Mock Drafts for you to look at.

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