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Felix Jones Out Two Weeks

Black Injury Monday continutes…

Rookie running back Felix Jones will miss two weeks according to Mickey Spagnola.

Pro Bowl Punter Has Broken Foot

It’s black Monday around Valley Ranch.

The Cardinals broke the right foot of Pro Bowl punter Mat McBriar.   Todd Archer of the Morning News reports he will miss 6 to 8 weeks.

He broke it when his punt was blocked in overtime by the Cardinals.

I would say he is done for the year.  You simply can’t hold a roster spot for a punter.  I expect him to be place on injured reserve.

Pacman Cover Up

What did you expect the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to do?  Admit Pacman Jones was drunk and fought his team issued bodyguard and broke a mirror at a Dallas hotel.  Come on now.

Cover up is what Jerry Jones does best. 

Ask Michael Irvin how he made out nicely after stabbing teammate Everett McIver with scissors back in the glory days.

Jerry had his “story” about the fight, “These guys were joking, were kidding, having fun, right up until the time they went into the restroom,” said Jerry Jones, no relation to either of the bathroom brawlers. “It crossed over into more than that, and it ended quickly.”

No mention that Pacman was allegedly drunk and got his butt kicked by Tommy Jones. Deion Sanders went on the NFL network and said no alcohol was involved. So why did Jerry say about alcohol, “The amount or nature of it — I do know that alcohol was served, I couldn’t verify who was and who wasn’t having a drink, but I do know that I was told first-hand by the witnesses that [Pacman’s] conduct should not be interpreted as over-drinking.”

Jerry said he will take no action against Pacman and hopes the NFL commish Roger Goodell won’t either.

In other words, they need Pacman to play Sunday in Arizona because Terence Newman is out and right now Pacman is the best corner they have.  Oh yeah, the Cardinals like to sling the ball around a lot.

Terence Newman Has A New Injury

It’s not looking good for cornerback Terence Newman to play on Sunday.

Head coach Wade Phillips says Newman has an abdominal injury to go along with his groin injury.

Newman got a contract extension in the offseason for 50 million dollars.  The cynic in me says Jerry Jones should have made Newman play out the season and then give him a new contract.

The other part of me says you can’t help injuries.

T-New is a good guy, but the old saying goes, “You can’t help the club in the tub.”

T.O. Is A Victim…Again

I give Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens a lot of credit, he knows how to play the blame game and make sure he is always in a position of being a victim when things get hot.

Michael Irvin has a radio show in DFW and he is an unabashed T.O. apologist.  Today, Irvin had T.O. so he could explain his press conference and how the media is “trying to divide this team”.

Owens said part of his tears and emotions Sunday were the loss of a family member.  He did not say who the family member was during the radio interview.

Click here to listen.

Larry Brown’s Super Bowl Ring On EBay

Larry Brown’s Super Bowl XXVII ring is for sale on EBay.  You can own it for ten thousand dollars.

I called Larry and asked him if he knew his championship ring was on EBay and he said “No.  I did donate the ring to a children’s charity three or four years ago.  I had no idea they are trying to sell it.”

Brown was not happy about the idea of his Super Bowl ring being hocked and he plans to look into getting his ring back.

Cowboys Lose

The Redskins came out and played a better football game. 

Two stats tell the game.  161 yards of rushing and 38 minutes time of possession.

The Redskins controlled the clock and kept the Cowboys offense off the field.  Nice job by rookie head coach Jim Zorn.

The Cowboys only ran the ball 11 times.  That is shameful.

Marion Barber only had 8 carries.  I’m sorry isn’t he a Pro Bowl running back? 

Jason Garrett is the highest paid NFL assistant and he didn’t do a good job of halftime adjustments and he gave up on the run too quick.

Brian Stewart’s defense had 12 men on the field and lost the opportunity to get the ball and time back in the 4th quarter.  Even head coach Wade Phillips couldn’t defend it.

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