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Shawn Chacon A Ft. Worth Cat or Grand Prairie Air Hog?

Since pushing and tyring to choke Astros GM Ed Wade, pitcher Shawn Chacon will need a job.

Click here if you didn’t hear about this fool going after his boss Latrell Sprewell style. 

And the full explanation is here too.

Houston cut him and the chance of Chacon pitching in the majors again are slim to none.  Bet on none.

BUT he could resurface with a local independent baseball team like the Ft. Worth Cats or Grand Prairie Air Hogs.

They could have a promotion every night he pitched.  Every Wednesday could be “Choke Your Boss Night”.  Fans could come out to the mound during innings and push somebody who looks like a boss and choke ’em. 

Poor Houston.  That organization looks worse than the Rangers.  Richard Justice is trying to figure out where it went wrong.  The Astros did play in the World Series just three years ago.  Now the Rangers are the ones with a better future long term.


The Media In Hockeytown Are Worried About The Stars

The Stars have won two games and now the peeps in Detroit are worried about a choke job.

Read this one in the Free Press.

Steve Schrader wonders if the Wings lost their mojo.  He writes:  “It’s not like Wings fans haven’t been burned before.

So, we’re not saying any of this is going to happen in tonight’s Game 6 of the Western Conference finals in Dallas, we’re just saying, what if …

… the Wings lost their mojo?

… Marty Turco comes up with another really good game?

… Chris Osgood has a bad game, something he hasn’t done yet? Would the Wings be tempted … nah, they couldn’t go back to Dominik Hasek now.

… the Stars are all confident and full of themselves after Saturday’s big win at the Joe?

… Brett Hull has been right all along, and he really is a hockey genius?”

Ace Free Press columnist Mitch Albom is sweating too.

Add Bob Wojnowski of the Detroit News to the list of chicken littles.

It would be fun if the Stars forced game seven.  Game six is tonight in Dallas.

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