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Clemson Players Say Bowden Deserved Firing

Yep, you read the post right.  Clemson quarterback Cullen Harper said head coach Tommy Bowden deserved his pink slip, “It’s what he deserved,” Harper said.

The Tigers started off the season ranked 8th in the nation but got spanked by unranked Alabama in Atlanta by 24 points.

Bowden has been at Clemson ten years.  This season was supposed to produce at ACC title.  He didn’t and now he is gone, but had a few words to say.

Bottom line, he never won the ACC.  Wake Forest and Maryland went from league dogs to the ACC title while Bowden was at Clemson.  He never won a big game  say those who cover the team.

The Tigers are 3-3.  Bowden is just another coach who didn’t bring what Danny Ford did, a national tite.

Some Faith In The Cowboys

Today is popular day to throw in the towel on the Cowboys against the Cardinals.

I will go with the Boys in the desert.  32-27.

I am 4-1 with my Cowboys picks coming into the game.

We shall see today at 3:15.

Cowboys Pick

I will take the Cowboys at home over the Bengals.

I better see Marion Barber and Felix Jones running today.  11 rushes last week was embarrassing for the Jason Garrett offense.

Run the ball and win the game.

I will say 34-14.

Movie Review: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Funny movie and worth you renting.

I won’t spoil it, but it’s a funny journey of a guy who gets dumped by his TV star girlfriend and tries to escape on a vacation to get over her.

And he runs into her at the same hotel in Hawaii.

If you like movies such as Superbad or Knocked Up you will like this flick.

I needed a few hours to get away from the real world and get a good laugh.  This movie was just what the doctor ordered.

Who Should Be #1..Alabama

Oklahoma will get plenty of votes for #1.  I say it should be Alabama.

My reason, they have beaten better teams so far in the season.  Two teams who were ranked in the Top Ten.  Clemson and Georgia.   And Bama didn’t get to play either team at home.

I got some back up on this as well.  Click here.  And here too.

Tide Is Rolling Again

St. Nick Saban is worth every penny.  Every last nickel.

Break out the Golden Flake potato chips because the Alabama Crimson Tide is legit.  I’m talking national championship legit after they went to Georgia and laid it on the 3rd ranked Bulldogs. 

 41-30 was the final score but it was 31-0 Bama at the half.   Bama is now 5-0.

The Birmingham News is getting on the St. Nick sled,

It wasn’t a funeral. Quite the opposite.

It was a rebirth.

Alabama welcomed thoughts of a national championship back into its world, as a once storied powerhouse took a monster step toward reclaiming a position among football’s elite.

Is It Time To Run Off Joe Pa And Bobby Bowden

Joe Paterno is Penn State Football.  Bobby Bowden made Florida State a championship program.

But….all good things never last.

Even the great Tom Landry didn’t see it was time to go after he went 3-13 so Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys and fired him. 

Gregg Doyel of pens a harsh, but true column on two coaching legends of college football who need to retire.

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