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It’s Not Fun Being Stalked Like Luke Walton

People think life is all gravy for NBA players.  Making millions for playing a game is nice. 

It’s not nice when you are being stalked by a fan like Luke Walton of the Lakers was.  He tells his story to the Orange County Register.  Stacy Beshear, 34, of El Segundo was the lady who just went way over the line.  She is NO looker.

  • “Once I moved out of the gated community, that’s when I started noticing. I’d come home, and the same car with tinted windows would be parked across the street all the time. One time, I was like, ‘I swear I see someone there.’ So I walked up and saw her, and she had a hat on, and I said, ‘I can’t believe this is the same chick from the practice site.’ And then for a while, everywhere I went, I’d see her park like a street down. As soon as I took off, she’d start following me.”
  • “I’ll be going somewhere, and she’ll be following me everywhere I go. I’ll start really driving nuts, and she’s right behind me, staying with me. It sucks, because you figure you just go out and play basketball and you have your personal life, but then you have to start worrying about stuff like, ‘I don’t want to drive to my teammates’ houses if she’s following me, because I don’t want her to know where my teammates live.’ “

  • “It was more an annoyance than anything else until recently when she did that gun thing (gesturing at him with her hand as if shooting at him). And then I was like, ‘All right. Now she’s crossed the line.’ ”
  • Mavs Fans Get Racial On Mark Cuban

    First off, sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have been very sick.  I’m about 50% and plan I going to Green Bay to cover the Sunday night Cowboys-Packers contest which airs on NBC 5.

    Back to today’s post….Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has gotten some very angry emails about Josh Howard’s anti-American stance about how his negativity toward the national anthem at an Allen Iverson flag football charity game this summer.

    I understand the anger, but the racism is just overboard.  This is one from Mark’s blog.  I caution you, it is pretty sick.

    From: “stephen rogers” <> Add Address to Contacts
    To: <>
    Date: 09/17/2008 09:34 PM
    Subject: Ask Mark Cuban
    Mr. Cuban,
    Just saw your nigger Josh Howard  disresepct the national anthem because he is black. According to the news you say he is a really great guy. Of course he is because he makes you lots of money you greedy bastard.
    You would rather sell out your own country that my dead father fought for in WW II than than lose a buck by firing this black bastard.
    You are nothing more than a nigger slave owner milking him for all his black ass can get you.
    There’s lots of black dick on that team, get busy. White power is coming back because of race traitors like you.
    Know what you get when you cross a nigger and a white nigger lover ? a  WHIGGER. THAT IS YOU !!!!
    Mark WHIGGER Cuban. A White storm is brewing Mr. Cuban, you and those niggers like you better evacuate.

    Dope Smoking Jayhawks Kicked Out Of NBA Rookie Program

    South Oak Cliff’s Darrell “I Got Traded 3 or 12 Times On Draft Day” Arthur and former KU teammate Mario Chalmbers were kicked out of the NBA’s rookie transition program after they were caught with drugs in their hotel room according to

    Their Rock Chalk Smoke Talk nights ended earlier than they thought. 

    Can you say embarrassing.

    Both players could be fined 20-grand according to reporter Chris Broussard.

    Cowboy Camp Goes Hollywood

    The stars came out to watch the afternoon practice.  Former Laker great Magic Johnson, actor Rob Lowe, and Terrell’s own Jamie Foxx.

    Wade Phillips let Magice Johnson address the team.   He told them about his experience in losing the 1984 Finals to the Boston Celtics.  He used the next year to fuel him and the Lakers.  They beat the Celtics in Boston to win the 1985 NBA Title.

    He emphasized the Cowboys have to police themselves.  If a player is messing up, someone needs to say, “Hey, you’re messing up my ring”.  By ring, Magic means championship ring. 

    “You can’t win the Super Bowl today. What they have to do is come here to work on their skills and timing and get in shape. Then they have to start with the four preseason games. But then against Cleveland, that’s when it starts. Win your division and have the best record in the NFC. You can’t worry about the Super Bowl until the playoffs get here.”

    Magic think the Mavericks are done.  He spoke of how the Cowboys needed to “take advantage of this window before it closes.  The window closed on the Mavericks.”   That’s gotta make new head coach Rick Carlisle feel great.

    Foxx was trying to leave the complex after the practice, but NBC 5 tracked him down.  He is a big time Cowboys fans and started rolling off old school names like Bob Lilly,  billy Joe Dupree, Drew Pearson, etc.

    T.O. came by and they both talked about each other and their experiences working the film, Any Given Sunday.  Foxx played quarterback Willie Beamon.

    I didn’t have enough time to get over and talk to Rob Lowe.

    We’ll have more on the 10PM News on NBC 5.

    So This Is What Happened to Greg Williams Of The Ticket

    Man, the tale of former Ticket talk show host Greg Williams is wild.  Dallas Observer sports writer Richie Whitt pens an all timer. 

    Greg spent a lot of time on the radio going after guys like Michael Irvin, Roy Tarpley, Quincy Carter, Steve Howe, Leon Lett, and Barry Bonds for drug use…only to be a drug user himself.  Karma is a strong thing.

    This one is really long, but worth the read.

    I feel for current Hardline talk show host Corby Davidson.  He gets shed in a bad light in this article.  Having been through radio breakups, I know there is more to what Whitt wrote.  Corby can’t go on the record because his bosses want him to just let the situation go away, but we know it won’t.

    I’m glad Greg didn’t take his own life.  I hope he can move on.  There is more to life than sports radio.  Trust me. I know.

    Funny, I asked Greg one time what he was doing to lose weight.  He told me he was doing boxing and he stopped eating anything white, like rice or potatoes.   After reading this story I realized he had lap band surgery.  I was lied to, but it’s all good.


    4 Texas Rangers Make All Star Team

    Michael Young is going back for the 5th straight year.  Josh Hamilton will start in center.  Milton Bradley will start at DH.  Ian Kinsler will make his first trip as a reserve second baseman.

    Here’s more a more indepth take about their All Star selection and why players think more of the Rangers fantastic four than baseball fans.  This is from Jamey Newberg of

    The Rangers will be represented by four players in the All-Star Game: Josh
    Hamilton — the only one voted in as a starter — and Ian Kinsler, Michael
    Young, and Milton Bradley, each of whom led the player vote.  Notably, it’s
    the first time the Rangers will have four position players go.

    The significant thing about the player vote with regard to Kinsler, Young,
    and Bradley is that they actually received more votes from their peers than
    the players who will start received.  Kinsler earned 389 player votes,
    Dustin Pedroia 215; Young 470, Derek Jeter 463; Bradley 481, nobody else

    Stated another way, if the players voted for the lineups rather than the
    fans, Texas would have four players in the starting nine.

    Manager Terry Francona has already said that Bradley will start at DH in
    place of the injured David Ortiz. 

    It’s the first All-Star Game for all but Young, who will make his fifth
    straight trip.

    Hamilton outdistanced Manny Ramirez late to end up with the lead in the
    outfielders’ vote, and only Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter received more
    votes than Hamilton among American League players.

    As for Kinsler, he finished a very slim 34,243 votes behind Pedroia.
    Kinsler received 98.6 percent as many fan votes as Pedroia. 

    Rangers medical director and head trainer Jamie Reed will go to the All-Star
    Game as well.  It will be his second appearance.


    Tracy McGrady Gets Off Easy In Paternity Case

    NBA star Tracy McGrady makes some fat dollars.  Try $21 million a season to play for the Houston Rockets.  Well T-Mac has a little one who was born in Florida and the baby’s momma wants him to pay up. 

    He is currently married and has three kids already.  The court papers says his daughter Tracy was born in the fall of 2005.  One month before his son was born and a year before he was married.

    A Florida court says he has to pay up.  Just 54 thousand a year.  Not a month…a year.  Talk about a guy who got off easy.  T-Mac had one heck of a lawyer.

    The amount is far less than the $204,000 a year that Pearl Vega, 36, had argued would be more in line with McGrady’s $21.6 million annual income and give their child a lifestyle more equal to that of McGrady’s other children.

    Vega’s attorney immediately filed a notice the mother would appeal.

    In a trial in December, Vega’s attorneys highlighted exactly what it means to be the child of an NBA star:

    McGrady shares a six-bedroom, 23,000-square-foot house with a pool outside Houston with his wife and three children. He spends $5,000 per month on a chef and $1,732 for a housekeeper.

    One of the children had a $16,000 birthday party for about 40 children, with a magician, clown, face painter, games and music.

    McGrady and his family spend about $45,000 per month for personal travel, sometimes on private jets. The children went on trips to New York, to North Carolina a dozen times — to Florida about the same number — and to Atlanta, California, the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Bahamas, Mexico, the Virgin Islands, and Rio de Janeiro.

    They stay at Ritz-Carltons, have private preschool and tutors, and get thousands of dollars of clothes every month.

    here is the story.

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