Bob Costas Thinks T.O. Has Personality Issues

NBC’s Bob Costas has a take on Terrell Owens.  He told a radio station:

“I’m not a psychologist but when you see someone who is often so completely insensitive to the feelings of others and can gratuitously take shots at others and yet when the slightest thing that touches his sensitivities comes up, he breaks down in tears and (says) ‘you don’t understand him.’

“That’s infantile.

(Owens acts like) ‘My feelings are paramount always. The slightest injury to me is a grave injustice. But I can hurl any kind of invective or nonsense at you and be totally insensitive to your feelings and that doesn’t matter.’

That’s how infants view the world.

1 Response to “Bob Costas Thinks T.O. Has Personality Issues”

  1. 1 L.P. Robinson October 8, 2008 at 10:11 am

    Now last year in the playoffs when they lost. That was a little strange, yes I will admit that. The death of someone you know let alone someone close to you brings out an emotion in you that no one really knows how to explain outwardly its all the same crying, disappointment, sympathy, and pity in some situations. My personal feeling is that he doesn’t have personality issues I think he’s just a duck in the pond (reference movie: The Replacements) on the outside or top the duck looks calm, but on the bottom or under the water his feet is moving 100 mph. Thats just like T.O. on the outside we see this big freak of nature with crazy athletic ability but in the inside he’s just really a big kid.

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