T.O. Tries To Speak With Romo

Calvin Watkins of the Morning News has a good relationship with T.O.   That means he listens to him whine and complain off the record ALL THE TIME.

He got the scoop T.O. spoke with Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo after the game.  You know, it’s always about him.

Owens, despite having 18 passes thrown his way in the loss to Washington, had what was deemed a serious conversation about the offense with quarterback Tony Romo after the game, according to multiple sources.

The types of routes and throws are what concerns Owens, the sources said. The receiver, who the sources said was venting to Romo about his frustrations, has not liked how some of the throws were coming from the quarterback as far back as the season opener.

T.O. needs to be a better team player, but he is who is his.  He is like a child which is sad because he is 34 years old.

1 Response to “T.O. Tries To Speak With Romo”

  1. 1 Hose-A September 30, 2008 at 8:34 pm

    T.O. is who he is. How sad that a thirty four year old can behave like a child and expect to be treated like an adult. T.O. is who he is and has always been that “A cancer”. What an ego, what with ten other members on the team he believes everything is about him.

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