The Most Overpaid Coach In College Football Is….

Kirk Ferentz of Iowa.

Sorry dude, Fobes Magazine did this to you.  Not me.

Charlie “The Fake Tuna” of Notre Dame was third on the list.

Forbes chopped up Ferentz pretty good:

The most overpaid coach is Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz, who made $3.4 million last year despite lackluster results on the field, for a score of 71. Just how lopsided is Ferentz’s deal? During the last three years he’s pocketed $10 million, including a record $4.7 million in 2006, but has led the Hawkeyes to just a 19-18 record.

A coach’s base pay is usually just a small piece of his overall compensation package. Our salary figures include income guaranteed by their institutions from media and apparel deals, speaking fees and football camps. Since our pay totals are specific to last year, we include bonuses obtained during the 2007 season for reaching bowl games and attaining high national rankings.

And the most underpaid coach is Jim Tressel at Ohio State.  Mike Riley at Oregon State is second and Jim Grobe at Wake Forest comes in the third on that list.


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