Cowboys Camp Notes: Terry Glenn Cut

So far, no injuries.  That is big time.  Ask the Redskins about that.

The Cowboys did not put on the pads for the 1st workout.   They only have one practice today.  Smart move by head coach Wade Phillips.

The club cut Terry Glenn.  The wide receiver told AP that he was willing to do a salary split with the team on his injured knee.   Jerry Jones will let him go.

Glenn may have drug this thing out too long.  His bad.  The club says they may bring him back if he clears waivers.

I hope Glenn knows that he won’t make as much money if he does come back to the team.

Glenn isn’t the brightest guy when it comes to handling contract situations.  He got into it with New England one year over his contract and they basically told him to go home.  The sad thing for Glenn was the Patriots went on to upset the Rams and win the Super Bowl a few months later.

1st round picks Felix Jones and Mike Jenkins missed practice.  They have not signed.  Good news Richardson’s Aqib Talib did sign.  He went 2 picks in front of Felix Jones for 5 years and 14 million.  8 million is guaranteed.

I expect Jones to be here and sign for Saturday’s practices.  Same for Jenkins.


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