Drew Bledsoe Makes Coffee And Sells It

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Drew Bledsoe is making his own java these days.

11 Roasters is the name of his coffee company, a play of his NFL jersey #11.  Check out his website.

This is his coffee bio:
Favorite Coffee: “New Guinea Royal, so far.”

Cups of Coffee per day: “I will have around three cups in the morning and one in the afternoon. Is that a lot?”

Coffee Drinking in the NFL: Drew played in the NFL for 14 seasons and during this time he amassed a respectable 20,672 cups of coffee.

“I used to drink a few cups of coffee before football games and the last one was always on the way down the tunnel to go out for warm ups. There was almost never a garbage can at the end of the tunnel so I would hand the cup to the closest person. This was cool when I found a kid in the stands but I got a few funny looks the times I had to give it to one of the cops working security.”

“Before games I drank whatever awful coffee they had available in the locker room. It was true ‘truck stop’ junk. It tasted bad enough to make me a little angry, which is beneficial when getting ready to play a game of football. I swore, however, that I would never drink bad coffee again once I was done playing. I hope to help others make the same commitment. Life is too short to drink bad coffee.”

Good for Bledsoe.  Great to see a guy who is doing well in retirement.


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