Bring Back Brett Favre Website

The folks in Wisconsin want Brett Favre in a Packers uniform this fall playing quarterback, not Aaron Rodgers.

There is a website for those who want him around.

The Cowboys play in Green Bay September 21st.  Tony Romo of the Cowboys is from Wisconsin.

1 Response to “Bring Back Brett Favre Website”

  1. 1 totals4u July 18, 2008 at 11:29 pm

    I agree with bringing Favre back. The National Football League is blood-sport with some two billion dollars on the line so let’s not get all weepy about who owes who anything. This is the league where a contract is a contract until either side decides it’s not. Anyway, trading Brett would be a decent option but I think it has been overestimated what the Packers could get in return. My guess they could pick up a 3rd or maybe a 3rd and a 7th. However, Rogers’ value – outside of the day he was drafted – may never be higher than it is at this very moment. The Pack has received valuable insurance that they never needed to cash in while Aaron has retained value through strong development and this story. Trade Rogers, take one more run with Favre on a talented team, and in exchange for a future with Rogers you have a future with Brohm.

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