Bill Parcells Update

In case you are wondering what one of the real selfish dudes of all time is….I have a Tuna update for you.

The former Dallas Cowboys coach, who won absolutely nothing in Big D, but did allow Vinny Testaverde to quarterback America’s Team at 40 years old into the dirt, is making big bank in Miami running the Dolphins.

The A.P. has Bill on the record claiming he is not pulling the strings…Riiight.

Parcells insists that he is not the star of this show, that he is just the chief overseer of Coach Tony Sparano and General Manager Jeff Ireland, his hand-picked lieutenants for this Miami mission, both of whom came with him from Dallas.

“It’s not my program,” Parcells said. “It’s Jeff Ireland’s and Tony Sparano’s program. They’re the ones that are charged with the day-to-day dealings with the Miami Dolphins. I’m just trying to get the structure in place. That’s what I’m charged with doing. That’s my job. And it’s not the same kind of job I’ve had before. And people can’t separate that.”

But most players believe, even though Parcells will not be the on-field boss, he will be the principal architect .


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