So This Is What Happened to Greg Williams Of The Ticket

Man, the tale of former Ticket talk show host Greg Williams is wild.  Dallas Observer sports writer Richie Whitt pens an all timer. 

Greg spent a lot of time on the radio going after guys like Michael Irvin, Roy Tarpley, Quincy Carter, Steve Howe, Leon Lett, and Barry Bonds for drug use…only to be a drug user himself.  Karma is a strong thing.

This one is really long, but worth the read.

I feel for current Hardline talk show host Corby Davidson.  He gets shed in a bad light in this article.  Having been through radio breakups, I know there is more to what Whitt wrote.  Corby can’t go on the record because his bosses want him to just let the situation go away, but we know it won’t.

I’m glad Greg didn’t take his own life.  I hope he can move on.  There is more to life than sports radio.  Trust me. I know.

Funny, I asked Greg one time what he was doing to lose weight.  He told me he was doing boxing and he stopped eating anything white, like rice or potatoes.   After reading this story I realized he had lap band surgery.  I was lied to, but it’s all good.


1 Response to “So This Is What Happened to Greg Williams Of The Ticket”

  1. 1 Matthew July 11, 2008 at 5:02 pm

    Great blog. I read the story (on here and on the link) and wondered what happened to him. Its a shame Ryner can’t be oorgial and return calls from a long time friend that has lied yes and gave lots of stories but in the end has said he was sorry. As for Corby the snake guess he is really a snake a shame since Greggo helped land the snake a job on his show and cant talk to him. The management at the Ticket and HR dept thats so wrong for what they did spit on them. Oh ESPN might not have the ratings but I will keep listening to the Playmaker and the 2-3pm hr but Galloway well he sucks..but i listen cause i love sports. Thanks for the blog. u go newy..

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