Tracy McGrady Gets Off Easy In Paternity Case

NBA star Tracy McGrady makes some fat dollars.  Try $21 million a season to play for the Houston Rockets.  Well T-Mac has a little one who was born in Florida and the baby’s momma wants him to pay up. 

He is currently married and has three kids already.  The court papers says his daughter Tracy was born in the fall of 2005.  One month before his son was born and a year before he was married.

A Florida court says he has to pay up.  Just 54 thousand a year.  Not a month…a year.  Talk about a guy who got off easy.  T-Mac had one heck of a lawyer.

The amount is far less than the $204,000 a year that Pearl Vega, 36, had argued would be more in line with McGrady’s $21.6 million annual income and give their child a lifestyle more equal to that of McGrady’s other children.

Vega’s attorney immediately filed a notice the mother would appeal.

In a trial in December, Vega’s attorneys highlighted exactly what it means to be the child of an NBA star:

McGrady shares a six-bedroom, 23,000-square-foot house with a pool outside Houston with his wife and three children. He spends $5,000 per month on a chef and $1,732 for a housekeeper.

One of the children had a $16,000 birthday party for about 40 children, with a magician, clown, face painter, games and music.

McGrady and his family spend about $45,000 per month for personal travel, sometimes on private jets. The children went on trips to New York, to North Carolina a dozen times — to Florida about the same number — and to Atlanta, California, the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Bahamas, Mexico, the Virgin Islands, and Rio de Janeiro.

They stay at Ritz-Carltons, have private preschool and tutors, and get thousands of dollars of clothes every month.

here is the story.


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