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Demarcus Ware Injured

Pro Bowler linebacker Demarcus Ware had his bell run yesterday and was held out of the special teams practice.

Today, Ware did not practice.  Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips said it was precautionary and Ware should be on the field for Friday’s practice.

Wicked Hit A Today’s Cowboys Practice

In the blitz pickup drill Pro Bowl running back Marion Barber just (as Emmitt Smith would say) BLOWED UP Tyson Smith.

Smith went down like a boxer who just got knocked out.  The crowd was going “Oooh”.

The training staff had to help Smith up.  The hit was so violent, they moved the drill to a different practice field. 

Mamma said knock you out!

Jessica Simpson Update

A source with the Cowboys told me those pictures are from Monday and that Jessica Simpson is not going to be at camp today.   And may not come to camp at all.

Jessica Simpson Hits Oxnard

Yep, Dallas native Jessica Simpson is now in Oxnard.   She is Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s girlfriend.

This website has the pictures of her hitting town.

I can tell you Romo’s family likes her very much.  His dad Ramiro told me in an interview, “He made a good choice.”

I also spoke with other Romo family members in Wisconsin and they all said Simpson was a nice person and they liked her very much.

I’ll keep my eye out to see if she makes it out to practice which starts in 8 minutes.

Parcells Desperate: Brings In Quincy Carter

The Miami Dolphins must really be desperate at quarterback because they brought in Quincy Carter for a tryout. 

VP of football operations, Bill Parcells, cut Carter in Oxnard a few years back and now he’s giving the quarterback who loved his weed more than football a chance to get back in the NFL.

Miami had rookie Chad Henne, 2nd year man John Beck, and journeyman Josh McCowan on their current roster as quarterbacks.

I personally don’t like Carter and think he’s nothing more than a con man.  Carter was last playing in the Arena Football League.  Hopefully he doesn’t let this chance go up in smoke.  He is 30 years old now.

The Dolphins claim it is just a tryout.  If he is signed it will make the 3rd NFL club Carter has played for.  He last played for the New York Jets.

Bad Odor Problem At Cowboys Camp

The beancounters at NBC 5 need to go easy on one of my expense reports.  Today, I am going to buy some cans of heavy duty air fresheners.


I have to work in my producer Sam’s room and my photographer Noah’s room.  They are great guys BUT they drop some serious smelly bombs when they hit the toilet.

Look, it is what it is, but when you have to work out of the room after they drop the bomb I need some protection for my sensitive nose. 

We tried candles…not strong enough.   So today, I am going to buy some heavy duty spray cans to make the work place easier on all of us.

Ran Into A Playboy Cover Girl At Cowboys Camp And She Knew Me

I was walking out for the second practice at Cowboys Camp in Onxard and ran into an old friend.  We gave each other a hug and caught up on things.

I knew her back in my LA TV days when we were both covering sports for different stations in the 90’s.

She became a big star and later posed in Playboy magazine and got the cover in Jan 2006.

Who is she, well click here.  Don’t worry the site is 100% clean and safe.

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