Finally A Child For Demarcus Ware…A Must Read

Cowboys defensive end Demarcus Ware has lived through one of the toughest moments any parent can have.  The death of a child. 

Ware’s son Omar was stillborn in 2006.  Devastating.

Today, Demarcus has a child.  The New York Times wrote a very emotional story you should read.

Nothing quite compares to watching parents hold their infant. But Ware and his wife, Taniqua, believe they appreciate their daughter, Marley, more because they adopted her after three failed pregnancies.

Finally, they have a child: penetrating eyes, chin covered in drool, curious and cuddly and cute.

“Our little angel,” Ware, 25, said.

He and Taniqua say they have two angels — one they hold each day, and one they can feel but never see or touch. A poem, “Angel in the Sky,” sits on the mantle in the living room. It refers to Omar Ware, who was stillborn in 2006 and cremated the same day. The Wares placed his ashes in a gold urn next to the poem.

Early in the second game he played after Omar’s death, Ware sacked Redskins quarterback Mark Brunell. Instead of dancing, Ware fell backward, powerless, arms spread wide, he said. At that instant, he added, he felt the tension release from his body, as if pushed out by the deafening roar of the home crowd. A friend called Taniqua, saying Ware had looked like an angel falling toward the turf.

Ever since, Ware said: “I feel Omar out there with me, watching over me and protecting me. Sometimes, when I’m tired on the field, and I feel like I can’t go anymore, I just think, what if he had one more breath? What if all three did?”


2 Responses to “Finally A Child For Demarcus Ware…A Must Read”

  1. 1 Georgia June 19, 2008 at 10:12 am

    Thanks for sharing this…..very touching.

  2. 2 Matthew July 11, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    Thats a great blog. I just read the whole story on NY Times. Im also sorry to read about your wife Newy I have been a big fan of yours since you came to town and took over for Scott Murray and was on ESPN radio Newy and Coop I used to listen everyday after work and missed you when you left I have caught you a few times on 103.3 a few times and recently the other day, back to my comment I have two natural children and two bonus older ones but after my wife had our first girl in 2002 she became pregnant less than a yr later and like you I wanted a girl so did she since we only had girls but then one day i came home and she was not feeling good and we lost the baby. But God did bless us with another beautiful healthy girl born on December 30, 2003, wasnt a boy but healthy is good and she happens to be born on one of my favorite male athletes bday mr TIGER Woods and yes other players too Lebron. So my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your wife Newy and to Demarcus, his wife and Marley, God Bless..

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