Kobe vs. Dirk Race Riot On dallasnews.com

My gosh, people just can’t talk hoops.   It always has to come down to black vs. white.

David Moore of the Morning News was trying to have a discussion about calls from the refs for Kobe Bryant versus the types of calls Dirk Nowitzki gets.  Next thing you know a race wars breaks out on their website as the comments just got stupid.

I’m not here to bash Kobe Bryant. Boston’s defense did a pretty good job of that last night. But I’d like to ask a couple of questions?

If Dirk Nowitzki was 6-of-19 from the field in a playoff game, if he had just two field goals and seven points entering the fourth quarter of the biggest game of the season, what would you be saying about him today? Would you accept his greatness and say it’s just one of those games, or would you talk about how he doesn’t deliver in the clutch and the team will never win big with him? Remember, the Lakers have never won a title with Bryant as their primary player.

Just wondering.

Here is my take on this.  Kobe goes to the hole when he needs a basket.  Refs will normally give a player the call. 

It’s the simple strategy.

D-Wade used on the Mavs to win four straight games in the 2006 NBA Finals.  It’s the same thing Michael Jordan did for the Bulls, Larry Bird for the Celtics, and Kareem for the Lakers.

I do wish Dirk went to the hole more.  Not just him, the Mavs as a team don’t do it enough. 

They shoot jumpers late in games when they would be better off going to the hole.  That’s what the Spurs have done during the Tim Duncan era.  Manu Ginobilli does it all the time.


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