More Giants Problems…Plaxico Unhappy

The Giants have problems.  Michael Strahan retired, tight end Jeremy Shockey isn’t 100% happy with the club and now star wide receiver Plaxico Burress wants more money.

Nice off-season…for the Cowboys.

Plaxico was brilliant last year and the Giants won the Super Bowl so you knew this was coming.  But he says he won’t practice until he gets is cash.

Quotes from the NY Times are alarming for Big Blue fans:

“Me and my agent are trying to get a deal done for the future, so that I can remain a New York Giant,” Burress said. “We’re just not happy with the way things are going right now. That’s basically the main reason why I’m not out there.”

Reporters did a double-take. Burress was asked if was healthy enough to practice.

“Oh, yeah,” he said, and added: “I’m choosing not to participate.”

He suggested that he would strongly consider missing training camp in a contract dispute. Drew Rosenhaus, the agent for both Burress and Shockey, acknowledged that Burress was seeking a new deal.

This is not the way to get a new contract.  The public won’t be on his side.  The average Joe sees Plax as being greedy.  He’s still got 3-years left on his current contract.

Now Plax is a good player BUT he is no Randy Moss.  He’s not in T.O.’s league.  Plax but up great numbers last year and he was a key player to the Giants run to the Super Bowl.

The Steelers let him go and won the Super Bowl the next season without him.  Wide receiver Hines Ward was the MVP of the Steelers victory over Seattle.

The Vikings and Raiders still haven’t replaced Moss.  Philly and San Fran have yet to fill the type of production T.O. brought them.

I think Plax has ground to ask for a new deal, but holding out of mini-camp and taking his contract issue is not the way to get it done.


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