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Pam Anderson Calls Jessica Simpson A Wh@re!!

Hollywood star Pam Anderson is a big time PETA supporter and she is all mad at Jessica Simpson for wearing a “Real Girls Eat Meat” T-Shirt while walking with Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Bang it here. has the audio of her putdows.

Check out the “Real Girls Eat Meat T-Shirt” here.

Anderson called Jessica few nasty names at

Pam Anderson blasted Jessica Simpson during a weekend interview with an Australian radio station. When asked about the “Real Girls Eat Meat” shirt Jessica was recently spotted wearing, Pam — an active member of PETA — replied (audio deliciousness below):

“Bitch! . . . Whore! . . . She was not referring to actual cows and chickens, she was, ya’ know, men.

The same chick that filmed/released two homemade pornos, has been on the cover of Playboy more than any other person, and became famous by getting basketball-sized breast implants, is calling another woman a whore? Is there a word stronger than irony (something cool like MEGA-irony), because that’s what that is. Besides, I don’t think Pamela’s really a vegetarian. I’ve seen her “home movies” with Tommy Lee and Bret Michaels, and she swallowed more meat than a hungry cannibal locked in a morgue.

Jessica opened herself up for shots by wearing that T-shirt.  She is from Texas so I’m not mad at her.  Meat is good. 

Remember When Too Tall Jones Quit The Cowboys To Become A Boxer

I remember when Ed “Too Tall” Jones quit the Cowboys in 1979 to become a pro boxer.  Man, I was mad at him.  The Cowboys needed him.  Well, Too Tall is telling why it all all when down to

The 6-9 Jones, better known to Philadelphians as a dominating pass rusher for the Dallas Cowboys, took a season off from his 15-year NFL career to try his hand as a heavyweight boxer, going 6-0 with five knockouts in 1979 and early 1980. So much of a curiosity item was Jones that CBS nationally televised every one of his bouts. “Too Tall” was paid more than any first-time boxer to that time for his Nov. 3, 1979, debut in Las Cruces, N.M., against a ham-and-egger named Abraham Meneses, whom Jones defeated on a six-round majority decision.

Had he stuck with boxing, his first love, from the beginning instead of being steered away from it by his high school basketball coach, Jones believes it’s possible he might be making his first trip here as an inductee instead of as a figurehead.

“Barring injuries, I’m sure I would have been a very good fighter,” said Jones, 57. “I mean, why not? I had the hand speed, the power, the dedication, the toughness. I can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t have been successful.

“Now, does that mean I could have been a Hall of Fame fighter? That, we’ll never know. But I would have won a lot of fights.”

How Jones left boxing, got back into it, and exited again makes for a fascinating tale.

“I started out in Golden Gloves when I was in high school,” Jones said. “At the time, my school didn’t have a football team. My basketball coach saw on the front page of our local newspaper [in Jackson, Tenn.] that I had knocked a guy out in, like, 9 seconds.

“He called me into his office, showed me the front page and said, ‘What is this all about?’ Basically, he gave me an ultimatum: basketball or boxing. I went with basketball, which might have been the right decision at the time, but I didn’t like being put in a position of having to choose.”

Jones went on to football stardom at Tennessee State and was the first selection in the 1974 draft. He appeared in three Super Bowls, one a victory over the Denver Broncos in Supe XII, and three Pro Bowls. But forever in the back of Jones’ mind was the notion that he could have become heavyweight champion of the world.

He contemplated boxing’s might-have-beens so often that in 1977, four seasons into his highly productive NFL journey, he decided to do something that shocked the world.

“I gave the Cowboys a year’s notice that I would be leaving,” Jones said. “I had signed a 4-year contract with an option year, and they knew my intentions going into the option year.

“So many people have asked me why I would ever consider quitting football when I was successful and the team was, too. It’s simple, really. I didn’t want to wake up one morning, 40 years old, knowing I had been in a position to fulfill a dream and did nothing to make it come true.”

When the news finally broke that Jones was leaving the Cowboys for boxing, the reaction was ugly.

“That’s the first time I ever received hate mail – and not just from Dallas,” he said. “It got to a point where I couldn’t even do talk shows where people would call in when I was on the road promoting my fights. I had to do it with just the host because there were some pretty threatening calls coming in. I finally said, ‘I don’t need this.’ “

Sporting News Says Wade Phillips Is On The Hot Seat

One of my favorites, Mike Florio of came out with a list of ten coaches on the hot seat for The Sporting News.

I understand his reasoning, but things can and do happen.  What if Tony Romo breaks his leg and the team has to win with Brad Johnson as the starting quarterback?

I’m a fan of Wade.  I think he did done a darn good job of getting 13 wins out of last year’s club.  They were learning a new defensive and offensive scheme.

The offense didn’t have it’s #2 wide receiver in Terry Glenn and the defense was never at full strentgh because starting corners Anthony Henry and Terence Newman rarely played together because of injuries.

Unlike Bill Parcells, Wade made sure he got Terrell Owens the football and always tried to make sure it was about the team and not him.

Here is Florio’s take below:

1. Wade Phillips, Cowboys. Coaches from playoff teams aren’t usually on the hot seat. Then again, not many coaches preside over teams that haven’t won a playoff game since 1996, are expected to go to the Super Bowl in 2008 and have the next head coach, Jason Garrett, ready to step in at a moment’s notice.

Wade Phillips has the temperament to withstand the pressure. Besides, he’s no stranger to being fired. But it doesn’t make the pressure any less real.

So if the Cowboys don’t make the postseason, or if they don’t win a game or two once they get there, Wade won’t be back in 2009.

Mavs Jason Kidd Says Avery Johnson Was Crazy

Jan Hubbard of the Star-Telegram catches up with Mavs point guard Jason Kidd at Team USA Olympic practice in Las Vegas.

Kidd the coach killer says he didn’t lop off Avery Johnson this spring.

Kidd has been accused of being a “coach killer,” a label he has disputed. But he’s aware of the talk, so when Avery Johnson was fired by the Mavericks, Kidd told a friend: “They can’t blame that one on me. When I got there, the players all thought he was crazy. And he was.”

The story just confirms what everyone thought, Avery didn’t let Kidd do his thing so it was a waste to make the trade:

When he joined the Mavericks after the Feb. 19 trade from the Nets, he thought Johnson would employ an up-tempo style that would take advantage of Kidd’s considerable passing skills. Instead, he found that Johnson was a rigid coach who was a domineering presence on the sidelines.

“We ran the first couple of games,” Kidd said. “And then we stopped. A lot of times, our offense was used to set up our defense. We slowed it down instead of getting out and running and putting pressure on [opponents] after missed shots or even makes. We were pretty much — not just myself, but everybody — looking over to the sideline, trying to figure out what was going to be called.”

Kidd is at his best in the open court, operating without constraints and creating easy shots for teammates. But he found that he had little freedom with Johnson.

It was noted during the season that Kidd probably spent more time looking at the sidelines for instructions in three months under Johnson than he had combined in his 13-year career. When asked Saturday if he had any problem with that observation, Kidd said: “That’s fair.”

A No Hitter For Rangers Minor Leaguer

For the second time this year a Texas Rangers minor league pitcher has thrown a no hitter.

Dustin Nippert threw a seven-inning no-hitter for Triple-A Oklahoma today. Nippert walked two and struck out five. He is now 6-2 on the season with a 3.98 ERA.

Maybe they really do have some arms down on the farm.  I hope they don’t trade them away.


Jerry Jones Shoots Down Joe Horn Rumor

“Yeah, that’s not correct,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said during the Dallas Desperados choke job tonight. “I haven’t expressed any interest there and haven’t evaluated him. That’s just not correct.”

So no 36-year old target for Tony Romo to throw to. 

Mini Me Has A Sex Tape?

I have seen it all.  Mini Me from the Austin Powers movies has a sex tape out.  Even R. Kelly is shocked.

US Weekly has the latest.  Verne Troyer, Mini Me’s real name, is suing because a national website released footage of his sex tape:

Verne “Mini Me” Troyer has filed a $20 million lawsuit against celeb Web site for running a clip of his sex tape online.

In the suit (filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles), the actor, 39, alleges that the site violated his privacy rights, infringed on his copyright and misappropriated his name and likeness.

Wasn’t Dr. Evil who once said, “Mini Me, you complete me.”

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