My Take On Mavs Coach Rick Carlisle

New Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle says he wants the club to run next season, “If you’re going to play at a faster tempo offensively, there’s an unbelievable physical commitment,” Carlisle said. “It’s probably going to be one of the tougher training camps. … The summer our guys have in terms of preparation and conditioning is going to be absolutely critical.”

He spent plenty of time talking about how much he wants Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd to be the guys who get the team back to championship form.

He wants Josh Howard back.  Carlisle said at his opening presser that he plans to have dinner with Howard and wants him in the fold, “My first message is that we need him.”

Carlisle praised the work Avery Johnson did and says the roster will undergo some changes.   He says they will keep playing the hard nosed defense Johnson put in.

Here’s what I liked from Rick.  He truly thinks this club can “find a way” to get the roster redone and get back to the playoffs.   He plans to travel to Germany and take time to get to know Dirk.

I liked his confidence that he can coach and win with this team.  I know he is supposed to say that, but I like the body language he had when saying it.  I didn’t think I was hearing a bunch of jive talk.

I liked the fact he saw positives in working with Donnie Nelson and Mark Cuban.  I like the fact he is reaching out to his players and is willing to change the style of play to fit this group of Mavericks.

Give Carlisle credit for trying to pump up Kidd’s worth at the presser.  Kidd is a known coach killer so it’s wise to get him on the side of the new coach and get him to champion his new style.

I like the fact he played with Larry Bird in Boston and sees things from Bird’s game that he could bring to Dirk’s to make it easier for him to play the game.

The guy has a winning record as a head coach and has been to the playoffs five of his six years as a coach in the NBA.  Carlisle is a former NBA Coach of the Year.


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