I Made The Dallas Morning News Blog

Finally!!!    I made it on THE most electrifying blog in the DFW market, The Dallas Morning News Cowboys blog.

First made famous by Matt Mosley, now taken to new levels by Tim MacMahon.

Everybody knows I detest the idea of NFL Films doing another Hard Knocks Training Camp show with the Cowboys.   Call me crazy, but aren’t they in the business of winning football not becoming reality TV stars.

Well, Timmy Mac finally gave me a plug in his blog:

My man Newy Scruggs of local NBC affiliate Channel 5 is really concerned about the potential distractions of making the Cowboys’ training camp a national reality TV show.

Newy sat a few feet away from Jerry during today’s Hard Knocks press conference and offered several warnings cleverly desinged as questions. But Jerry didn’t blink even when Newy brought up the tragic reality TV cases of Bobby Brown and Flava Flav.

Jerry tried to spin it by saying the players would work extra hard because they knew every move they make on the practice field could be shown to the world. And he doesn’t sweat a little extra scrutiny, since he figures the team’s stars should have skin about a foot thick by this point.

But that’s not really why the Cowboys will become the first team to make a second Hard Knocks appearance. This is about Jerry making sure that the Cowboys stay in the front of the football-loving public’s consciousness.

“The Cowboys have always had that,” Jerry said, who mentioned media-friendly Tex Schramm several times during the press conference. “It was the spirit of Tex, making it not only important but bigger than life.”

Translation: Any publicity is good publicity, a theory that might be tested by Pacman Jones.


1 Response to “I Made The Dallas Morning News Blog”

  1. 1 Willow May 8, 2008 at 1:24 pm

    You know that is the true mark of fame, the DMN Cowboys blog.

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