Mavs Eliminated In 1st Round…Again

The Mavericks are going fishing after the first round of the playoffs again.  

The Hornets had a better club and did a great job in the series.  I would have voted for Hornets point guard Chris Paul for the MVP Award.

The Mavs got run in just five games.  Not good.

It’s the second year in a row the Mavs have not gotten out of the first round.   So who gets the blame?

It wil be interesting to see, but I’ll line up these individuals as culprits:

1.  Josh Howard.   He didn’t do a thing that mattered.  He’ll have all summer to smoke weed and think about becoming a difference maker for the Mavs.

2.  Jason Kidd.  We never saw him make THE difference since he wanted out of New Jersey.

3.  Avery Johnson.   His Mavs have not won a road playoff game since the 2006 NBA Finals.  That is 9 straight roadies they failed to get a win in.

4.  Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson.   They wanted to make a mid-season trade and it did not work out.

5.  Erick Dampier.  Homeboy is just stealing money now.

1 Response to “Mavs Eliminated In 1st Round…Again”

  1. 1 Ralph April 30, 2008 at 1:56 pm

    Mark Cuban is the problem. He should be FIRED and keep him out of basketball.

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