Did Tony Romo Lose 2.5M In Las Vegas?

Deadspin.com has a story that claims Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo, lost 2.5 million gambling in Las Vegas and his girl Jessica Simpson was not happy with about it.

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This is part of the Robin Leach…the Robin Leach’s blog:

It began when Jessica, Tony and the players all hit the Peacock Lounge for high limit blackjack. Jessica was said to have won $5,000 and then they retired to their penthouse while the others went onto the Body English nightclub. The couple even spent some time tanning in the sunshine rays at the new $8 million makeover pool at the Hard Rock while watching the NFL draft on their private cabana HD TV screens. At some point, however, allegedly Tony, who was rumored to be paid a $15,000 appearance fee at Body English took the money and went gambling. My spywitnesses tell me that by the time he was finished he’d lost a fortune and I swear to you I was told that the figure could have run as high as a whopping $2.5 million. Whatever the staggering loss totaled it immediately put a damper on their fun weekend. I’m reliably told Hard Rock officials offered to pay Jessica a bonus $25,000 if she’d co-host at Body English the second night with Tony.

Allegedly a livid Jessica refused because she’s paid far more for personal appearances and the fun weekend had suddenly turned into a commercial gig. Also she was said to be “angry beyond words” over his gambling and the large loss. Insiders told me that one thing led to another and they wound up in a “furious fight.” I was then told that instead of turning up together for a third day of “fun in the sun” at DMX’s party for the re-opening of the Rehab summer pool they both left town unexpectedly. Luxe Life is still checking hard to find the full facts amongst the wicked whispers and racy rumors and trying to establish if they left together or separately, but as one person told me,” I wouldn’t be surprised if this love match is on the rocks—and over”!

I’d hoped to have the full report of the Rehab re-opening, but all the details and photos weren’t assembled before our early deadline, so click back tomorrow and maybe we’ll have more Jessica and Tony soap-opera story lines for you.


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