Rating the Cowboys Draft

Here is the question you should ask about the Cowboys 2008 draft:  Are they better?

Did GM Jerry Jones make his 13-3 club better?

Yes.  Yes indeed.

Look at four positions on the Cowboys that got better:

1.  Running back

They want the change of pace Felix Jones brings.   He will be a better player than Julius Jones was last season.   Jones is also an explosive kick return man.   He helps you on offense and special teams and that makes him an ungrade over Julius Jones.

Tashard Choice can be an everydown back.  If Marion Barber got hurt, Choice would be the choice to replace him.  He led the ACC in rushing two years in a row with average quarterback play at Georgia Tech.

The 08 backfield of Barber, Felix Jones, and Choice is an upgrade over the 07 group of Julius Jones, Barber, and Tyson Thompson.


Mike Jenkins should have been a top 15 pick.   Don’t forget the Cowboys got Pacman Jones for a 4th round pick.  

Jenkins and Pacman are better than last year’s nickel and dime men Jacques Reeves and Nate Jones.

Tight End

Jason Witten is the man, but the man needs a backup.  

Bill Parcells wanted Anthony Fasano and gave up a 4th to get a guy he drafted in the 2nd round a few years ago.  We call that a reach.  Fasano never gave the club enough production.   Oh by the way he dropped a touchdown pass in the loss to the Giants.

Tony Curtis had become a better red zone threat.    Martellus Bennett gives Tony Romo a huge target in the red zone at 6-7.  As a former college hoops player he will post up DB’s for scores all day like Antonio Gates does for the Chargers.

Did I mention he can block?  

The tight end position just got a lot better.

Special Teams

Felix Jones, Mike Jenkins, and Pacman Jones can all return punts and kickoffs.  This gives the Cowboys plenty of options.



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