Pacman Jones Is A Finally A Cowboy–DFW Strip Clubs Rejoice

So who is throwing the official “Welcome to Texas” Pacman Jones party?

Baby Dolls, Silver City, or the Men’s Club? Who will pay for the rights to host this bash?

With a recession in DFW having Pacman Jones traded to the Cowboys will help a lot of strippers make rent, etc. Let it rain Pacman.

The Cowboys gave up a 4th round pick to Tennessee for the suspendeed cornerback.

There will be all types of conditions with the pick because Jones has yet to be re-instated to the NFL by commissioner Roger Goodell.

The Cowboys will come up with a new contract for him and if he can keep himself out of trouble he will really help the team.

Look for him to the the nickel back. Terence Newman and Anthony Henry will remain the starters.
Jones could be an assest in the return game. He’s taken four returns in for scores in his two year career.

This gives defensive coordinator Brian Stewart one of parts he wanted this offseason. A veteran cornerback was one, the other is a young draft pick. The club is will draft a corner on the first day because there is no guarantee Pacman will play this year.

The Cowboys are now the Raiders of the NFL, home of the misfits.

I can live with Pacman, but they can not make a trade for Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson. That would be too much drama for quarterback Tony Romo to deal with.

Pacman is a corner, he can’t demand the football.


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