Stumping For DeSean Jackson….Until…..

Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones is on record saying he wants his quarterback Tony Romo to have more weapons.
California wide receiver DeSean Jackson would be worth taking in the first round of the draft.
He can be a great weapon in the Cowboys offense and on special teams. I think scouts are placing too much emphasis on his weight which is 169 pounds.  Some reports talk about his lack of height at 5-foot-10.
People need to look at the film.  Go back to the tape.
Jackson scored in 29 of his 36 games at Cal as a receiver and return man.  That’s production.   Think of Bears special teams demon Devin Hester, but Jackson can catch and make plays on offense.
Pro Bowler Steve Smith of Carolina is 5-foot-9 and 185.  Wes Welker of the Patriots is just 5-foot-9 and 185 pounds and is tearing up the NFL.   Cowboys can help Jackson get stronger and keep his speed.
Stick this kid in the slot and Jones will watch Romo have a field day in 2008.  It’s the skills not the size the Cowboys must remember on draft night.
He’s killing my man:

The bad: A me-guy. Selfish. Not a good teammate. Not a coachable player. Too many questionable influences hanging around him and a hard time letting them go.


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