Mavs Game…Still The Best Place To Pick Up People

I stand behind the Mavericks game as the the best place to meet good looking people here in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Now that the weather is getting better, buy some tickets and go have good time. Tight clothing and fresh plastic surgery are on display.

The TNT basketball guys say they love coming to Dallas because of all the talent in the stands.

You may even find love.

I met my wife at a Mavs game. It was six years ago today we had our first date.

I met her at a preseason game in the fall of 2001 and her sister asked me to take her out on a date a few months later.

Yes, you can find love at a Mavs basketball game.

Now if you are going a first date, I highly recommend you take that person to Lonestar Park for the horse races.

The great part about the track is you never have dull conversation. You can always talk about the ponies or how to place a bet.

A lot of people have never been to Lonestar Park. I have yet to take anyone to the races that didn’t have a heck of a time.

They open for racing April 10th.

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