Cowboys Draft Board Exposed By CBS 11

They call it coverage you can count on.   CBS 11 is the Cowboys official station and they officially hosed the Cowboys by filming their draft board and running a story which showed it in the background.

Deadspin  and the Morning News  have the stories.

The video clip shows the Cowboys rankings for defensive backs, a need the have in next month’s NFL draft.

Blogging the Boys says this who the Cowboys have ranked on their board:

#1 DRC

#2 Leodis McKelvin

#3 Kenny Phillips (S)

#4 Mike Jenkins

#5 Aqib Talib

#6 Either Tyrell Johnson or Josh Barrett (S)

#7 Looks like Charles Godfrey from Iowa

Newy Scruggs


1 Response to “Cowboys Draft Board Exposed By CBS 11”

  1. 1 Jiggs March 25, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    Hey Newy, get your facts straight – that video was not CBS 11’s, it was the Cowboys’ own in-house produced “Jerry Jones Show” which happens to air on CBS 11.

    Hard to blame you for launching false attacks on your competition, given how little respect you get from your own station.

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