Ex-Cowboy Caught Selling Crack & Brother In Trouble Too

Sorry, but I saw this one coming…former Cowboys running back Troy Hambrick has been busted for distributing crack cocaine in Florida.

hambrick.jpgT-Ham was a pure joke as he tried to replace Emmitt Smith as the feature back in 2003 when Bill Parcells took over as head coach.
He is 31 now.  He’s been out of the NFL four years and decided to embark on a new career as a drug dealer.  Niiiiiiiiiiice.
This just in folks, you don’t decide to go into the drug dealing business in your late twenties.  Not when everyone in your hometown knows who you are!!  
Hambrick got busted selling crack to an informant.  Now he’s going to become a snitch according to a plea agreement.  
Looks like somebody watched American Gangster and New Jack City one too many times. 
T-Ham quickly found out selling drugs in the real world is not some Hollywood flick.
His brother, another former Cowboy, Darren Hambrick, was recently arrested for beating up his girlfriend.  D-Ham’s famous media quote, “What do voluntary mean?” will always make me laugh.
D-Ham didn’t understand why the club was mad at him for not going through voluntary workouts when Dave Campo was coaching the team.
Darren is 32 and out of football.  Sad.  Real sad.Newy Scruggs


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