Don’t Write Off The Mavericks

I was locked into the Mavericks game while I’m on vacation in Hawaii. Games start 5 hours earlier than they do in DFW.

After another close loss, I got a text from a reporter buddy of mine who is ready to write off the Mavs and Jason Kidd trade. I told him that you can’t.

This deal will be clearer to judge after the playoffs.I think a lot of sports fans in the Metroplex have been suckered by the local teams coming up with great regular seasons, last year’s Mavericks included.

Let’s see what this Mavs group can do in the postseason, where wins really matter.

The losses to the Spurs, Hornets, and Sunday’s loss to the Lakers make people wonder, but that is why we love sports.

That 108-104 OT loss to the Lakers stings the Mavs, but it was great to watch. Kobe scoring 52, Dampier grabbing 17 rebounds and scoring 16, Dirk with 25 of his 30 in the second half…folks that was good stuff.

The Mavericks should be judged when in counts…the playoffs.

I’m off to the Hawaiian Soap factory and Dole Pineapple plantation.

Newy Scruggs

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