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Roy Williams Vs. Kansas

All week long we will read about Carolina head coach Roy Williams having to face his old team Kansas.

Why does Roy have to keep explaining why he updgraded.  (Carolina homer in me)

Roy was needed back home and he went. 

Besides, Roy got the support he needed to win it all in 2005.  And I’m tired of hearing how he won with Matt Doherty’s kids.

Phil Jackson won titles in L.A. with someone else’s team.  Same goes for Bob Stoops at Oklahoma and Jim Tressel at Ohio State in football.

Good Coach, Bad Job?

TCU has hired Jim Christian to be the new men’s basketball coach.

The people I respect in the game say he’s a good coach.

His record at Kent State says so, he won 20-games six years in a row. He made the NCAA’s in 2008 and 2006. Christian was named the MAC coach of the year two times.

His 2008 Kent squad was blown out by Mountain West Tournament champion, UNLV in the first round of the NCAA’s. They only scored ten points in the first half.

I actually picked Kent to win that game in my bracket.

I question if TCU is a good basketball job. 

The Dallas Morning News didn’t even send a reporter to cover the press conference.  I was the ONLY TV reporter at the presser.  

It is a football school. They are spending big dollars on renovating their football stadium. They have to keep bumping up the salary of Gary Patterson because he keeps going to bowl game after bowl game.

Football has earned the right to be treated like number one.

I just don’t know if basketball is a priority.

Kent State hoops was not big when I worked in they Cleveland market. Christian was an assistant for Stan Heath when they made the Golden Flashes a big deal and almost made the Final Four. So, he knows how to build a winner.

Christian was a star at his press conference. We’ll see if he can make TCU a winner. From a selfish standpoint, I hope so.

Did Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson Have A Secret Wedding?

Because they are celebs in Dallas-Fort-Worth I am blogging about this. 

Cowboys Pro Bowler has “reportedly” wed singer Jessica Simpson.  I say “reportedly” because I don’t know how legit this outlet  is.

Newy Scruggs

Bears Looking At Drafting A Running Back

Cedric Benson should be worried.  Mock drafts all over the country have the Bears taking a running back in the first round.

The former Texas Longhorn is becoming the bust that Ricky Williams (another Texas Ex) was in New Orleans.

Coach Lovie Smith took Arkansas running backs Felix Jones and Darren McFadden out to eat according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Lovie is messing with Jerry Jones’ draft day love interests.  He must be stopped…but if he leaves Rashard Mendenhall on the board I’m down for that.

Rumors and Rants has more on Ced Benson’s issues.

Newy Scruggs

Mavs Game…Still The Best Place To Pick Up People

I stand behind the Mavericks game as the the best place to meet good looking people here in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Now that the weather is getting better, buy some tickets and go have good time. Tight clothing and fresh plastic surgery are on display.

The TNT basketball guys say they love coming to Dallas because of all the talent in the stands.

You may even find love.

I met my wife at a Mavs game. It was six years ago today we had our first date.

I met her at a preseason game in the fall of 2001 and her sister asked me to take her out on a date a few months later.

Yes, you can find love at a Mavs basketball game.

Now if you are going a first date, I highly recommend you take that person to Lonestar Park for the horse races.

The great part about the track is you never have dull conversation. You can always talk about the ponies or how to place a bet.

A lot of people have never been to Lonestar Park. I have yet to take anyone to the races that didn’t have a heck of a time.

They open for racing April 10th.

Why Can’t Magic Johnson Get Old & Gain Weight?

magic.jpgThis is why you don’t want to be famous folks… just rich. 

People like taking unflattering photos of celebs.

The Big Lead website goes after Magic Johnson for gaining a few pounds.  Give the guy a darn break.  He can’t look he’s 23 years old when he’s in his 40’s.

No reason to make him feel like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Newy Scruggs

Salty Is Going Down

Jarrod Saltalamacchia will start the season in Triple A.

The catcher was not happy when he was informed, “I’m disappointed because I did everything I possibly could,” Saltalamacchia said to the Dallas Morning News. “I left it on the field, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t good enough. That upsets you. But I’ll take it and go to Triple-A and be an MVP there.”

This means Gerald Laird is the starter.

The best thing the Rangers can hope for is Laird becomes an All Star and they can trade him at the deadline for prospects.

The club is still high on his potential. They don’t want him riding the pine in The Show.

Rangers consultant John Hart says Salty could be the next Javy Lopez. They want to make sure he can do the job properly.

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