Finally, Jason Kidd Has Come Back

Everywhere I went this week, people wanted to know about the Jason Kidd trade. I thought the deal had to get done once it was announced and it happened.

Devin Harris is a nice player but he is simply not the difference maker Kidd is. Like Kidd or not, he is a basketball Hall of Famer. How do you go wrong when you trade for one of the best point guards to play in history?

Today at the presser, Kidd said he welcomes the challenge to help the Mavs win a title.

Kidd will make Dirk Nowitzki better. Shot will come to him easier.

I asked Mark Cuban if he spoke to the big German before making the deal, “Dirk probably had a little more input than others,” Cuban said. The owner also said Josh Howard was kept in the loop.

Cuban dishes out his take on his blog.

Did you ever hear Josh or Dirk saying they wanted to keep Devin Harris? Sometimes silence is sound.

GM Donnie Nelson says this deal was not a response to the Lakers getting Pau Gasol and the Suns trading for Shaq. “I know the popular sentiment out there is that this is a reaction. It’s not,” Nelson said. “The discussions actually started taking place before the other deals were done. This is all about us looking internally at our team and seeing what gives us our best chance for a championship.”

The Mavericks play the Hornets in New Orleans Wednesday night. The Hornets are the top seed in the West. Jason Kidd vs. Chris Paul will be a darn good matchup to watch.

I think this is a smart move by the Mavericks. Cuban had a take I loved on his blog:

I think we were stagnating some. I think the spark and excitement that JKidd will bring is more than just what his talent offers. There is a reason why Kobe and Lebron were lobbying management to bring JKidd in. We think he will recharge the batteries of not just our players, but the organization, fans, media and even merchandise and advertising sales.

Now my Mavericks season tickets have more value.

For more great stuff on Kidd visit my man Mike Fisher.

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