Why I Like The Jason Kidd Trade

I’m down for the Kidd trade. I wrote a column on it for the Star-Telegram on Saturday.

Read it here.

Maybe you didn’t watch the TV reports from New Orleans, but I didn’t hear one NBA All Star player who said the Mavericks would not be helped by adding Kidd to the roster.

I have yet to hear Dirk Nowitzki say he didn’t want to play with Kidd. I know LeBron James was mad at Cavs GM Danny Ferry for not getting Kidd to Cleveland to play with him.

Want more positive takes on the trade? Our guy Mike Fisher at dallasbasketball.com has 10 things why Kidd coming back to Big D is good:

10. EASY BASKETS: This has long been a Mavs bugaboo, even moreso since the departure of Steve Nash. Dallas, despite lacking a traditional low-post thread, has always been among the NBA leaders in scoring and in points-per-possession. But it’s sometimes a LOT of work for this team to score. With Jason Kidd centering the break, with Jason Kidd running the half-court offense, with Jason Kidd making the decisions, we expect that to change now. So does Kidd.

“With Dirk and Josh,’’ Jason said, in anticipation of joining the Mavs, “it’s just a matter of them being ready to catch the ball and score.”

9. ADJUSTMENTS TO KIDD: We anticipate not Jason Kidd adjusting his game to coach Avery Johnson’s style, but rather the opposite: Avery needs to adjust his style to Kidd’s game.

Gone, we assume, will be the coach’s micro-managing of possessions. Gone will be his calling of timeouts 30 seconds into games. Gone will be his announcements of “taking away’’ the PG’s right to call plays.

This will, very quickly, become Jason Kidd’s team. Avery – always on the verge of a sideline aneuryism — would be wise to sit down, buckle up, and enjoy a good ride.

Newy Scruggs


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