Bill Belichick Left Before It Was Over

Bill Belichick didn’t want to stick around for the final play of Super Bowl XXLII.

He is taking a beating nationally for it. He looked like a baby. He lacked class at a moment he needed it most, his first loss of the year.

All the Giants had to do was run one play, but the Patriots head coach ran into the locker room and didn’t stick around to see Eli Manning take a knee.

Belichick thought the game was over, but the ref told him they had to run one more play. He didn’t care. He knew they lost and didn’t want to stay a second longer.

Tim Smith of the NY Daily News slams Bill pretty good in this article.


1 Response to “Bill Belichick Left Before It Was Over”

  1. 1 robertT February 5, 2008 at 10:11 pm

    I for one am tired of this national anti-Belichick/Patriot crap. Just like Coughlin and all the idiot media that rushed the field, he thought the game was over. The 2 coaches met at mid field and shook hands. We all knew that Bill was not going to hang around if he lost so don’t bag on him for doing what everyone expected. And then you use a NY sports writer to back you up? That wouldn’t be opinionated at all would it? All season I watched the local media only talk about the cowboys and how great they were. Other sports or games go no mention at all on your nightly sports segment. And now it appears you still have nothing intelligent or knowledgeable to say. To compensate, you have to jump on what should be “the hated Giants” bandwagon to make yourself sound pertinent. Calling Belichick a baby is hypocritical based on all the whining and excuse making I heard from the local sports media after the Giants ended your rosy outlook.

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