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Flozell Adams Stays… Jason Ferguson Leaving

The Cowboys are bringing left tackle Flozell Adams back.

Flo and his agent Jordan Woy spent a lot of the day at Valley Ranch working with Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones, face to face, to get a deal done.

Flozell has been a Cowboy too long and has a lot of business interests so he didn’t want to leave.

Dallas Morning News Cowboys beat man, Todd Archer, tells me Flo will sign for 13 million and get around 42 to 43 million over six years.

To get a deal done the Cowboys plan to trade nose tackle Jason Ferguson to the Miami Dolphins. The club has Jay Ratliff and Tank Johnson so Fergie became the odd man out. The Cowboys needed to clear some cap space.

I don’t know what the Cowboys will get back for Fergie, but he’s worth a draft pick.

Newy Scruggs

Cowboys Plan To Keep Marion Barber

The Cowboys have placed the $2.562 million tender on restricted free-agent running back Marion Barber, which would require a team to give up first- and third-round picks to sign him.

I just don’t see a club giving up two draft picks for a guy who has never been a full time starter in the NFL.

The Cowboys should be able to get a long term deal done with Barber, but he still needs to prove he can carry the load before they go him 25 million dollars and be left scratching their heads like they are with Roy Williams right now.

They still need to draft a running back because Barber has never been a full time runner in the pros or in college.

Newy Scruggs

Kidd Needs To Man Up

Tonight the Spurs host Jason Kidd and the Mavericks.

Time for Mr. Kidd to bring his A game and lead the Mavs to a win. This is why they paid so much to get him.

I hate to sound like I’m not being realistic about his adjustment period, but it is what it is.

Man up Kidd and get a win in the Alamo City.

Newy Scruggs

TSN Loves The Stars Trade

The Stars could be playing on NBC 5 this year for the Stanley Cup. has some great interviews and analysis on the Brad Richards trade to the Stars.

Richards is a good scorer from Tampa Bay. He waived his no trade clause to come to Big D.

They also have some cool video clips as well. This is a top Web site and full of great hockey information.

NHL on TSN Analysis

Mike Milbury on Richards: “This is a guy that could turn it on. He’s a perfect fit for the Dallas Stars.This is a terrific move, although there is some work to be done in getting Richards back to what he was.”

Matt Barnaby on Richards: “That’s what they were lacking last year, that secondary scoring.”

Newy Scruggs

Stars Trade For 2004 Conn Smythe Winner

Big time trade by the Stars today. They add some big time offense from 27-year old Brad Richards.

I like this deal. So did Richards:

“For whatever reason, things haven’t worked out here the last couple of years… I think I need to get refreshed with a new beginning,” he said on a phone interview with TSN. “Dallas was a team I had an eye on because they showed interest… I am happy it’s done with now and I can move on.”

Read the rest at

Newy Scruggs

Yao Ming Out For Season

Life just got easier for the West. Houston has lost center Yao Ming for the season with a broke left foot.

The Houston Chronicle picks it up from here.

Newy Scruggs

Randy Moss To The Cowboys?

Could Jerry Jones be ready to make up for the 1998 draft? Is he ready to sign “The Freak” Randy Moss after passing on him in the 98 draft and taking Greg Ellis instead?

There are Internet reports out there floating this stuff.

Jones has said he wants to “wow” people when free agency starts. He also said he wants to make his offense higher octane.

I spoke with some Cowboys beat writers and they told me Javon Walker is a target for the Cowboys as well. He will not return to the Broncos.

Will T.O. cry if another player is getting his balls?

Stay tuned. The 2008 Cowboys could be fun to watch.

Newy Scruggs

Go Watch Jason Kidd

If you are lucky enough to get a ticket to go see Mavericks point guard, Jason Kidd, GO!

I haven’t see a point guard like this in person since I saw Magic Johnson play with the Lakers.

No disrespect to Steve Nash, but Kidd makes passes that no other player in the NBA can.

I watched Kidd in his home debut against the Bulls and it was great to watch. His passes caught many a Maverick off guard. They are not used to easy baskets.

I took my cousin Adrian to the game and he was into watching Kidd as well. We couldn’t take our eyes off him when he had the basketball. We were waiting to see the next great pass.

He nearly had a triple double, 11 points with nine rebounds and eight assists in a 102-94 victory over the Chicago Bulls. Center Erick Dampier dropped two easy passes from Kidd.

Newy Scruggs

Surprise, Arizona

I’ve been on assignment with the Texas Rangers are spring training in Surprise, Arizona.

This complex is pretty nice. They share it with the Royals.

A few things you should know:

  • People drive golf carts here like cars. They drive the carts in the road like cars. They have Arizona license plates. They even have parking spaces reserved for golf cart parking.
  • Seniors rule. This town is run by older Americans and if you wanna eat breakfast or lunch, go later. The Seniors get their eat on early in this town.
  • The houses are built way too close to each other and cost a lot more than what you’d pay to live in Texas.


My eyes tell me the Rangers are not going to be a team that wins the AL West. I just don’t think they have the starting pitching. I’m just not sold on the rotation of Kevin Millwood, Vincente Padilla, Jason Jennings, Brandon McCarty and Kason Gabbard.

The starters must find a way to stay healthy and the defense has to improve if this club is going to make any kind of noise.

Baseball players have easy in the spring. Pitchers were working out running at 8AM and done for the day by 11:30AM.

Newy Scruggs

A Letter To Ranger Fans

This article is for all you die hard Texas Rangers fans. All 20 of you.

Byran Curtis wrote this piece for Texas Monthly. It is a letter to the long suffering Rangers fans. Nice. Below is a little taste of Mr. Curtis’ letter:

Welcome to the 2008 Texas Rangers season! We’re glad you’ll be joining us for year 36 of our eternal rebuilding project. You’re one of the hardy few who still make the trek out to Arlington, lay down $70 for an infield seat, and by the third pitching change of an error-filled, 12—3 blowout are lying facedown in the Jose Cuervo Gold Club. (An actual stadium club, mind you, not Rangers fans taking the bottle.) We’re writing to salute you, Rangers fan. You have a special psychological condition that has allowed you, in the face of utter hopelessness, to remain, well, slightly hopeful.

You might have noticed a small uptick in optimism among your fellow Rangers fans last year. This is what George W. Bush, our former co-owner, would call the soft bigotry of low expectations. For your optimism was not due to any on-field success; the Rangers went 75-87 and never seriously challenged for the playoffs. It was because, by late summer, wunderkind general manager Jon Daniels had decided the team should become what baseball writers cheerfully call a “seller”—meaning, we decided to trade away our valuable players because we thought that they wouldn’t be around by the time we got good again.

Mark Teixeira, perhaps the best corner infielder ever to stride through Arlington, now plays first base for the Atlanta Braves.

Eric Gagné, the hard-throwing reliever, left for the World Champion Boston Red Sox. You Rangers fans saw the mass de-accessioning as a step forward. No longer were we under the delusion that we would be good, but we were facing up to the gruesome reality and thereby lowering expectations.

Newy Scruggs

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