Jerry’s Love Of Garrett Goes Overboard

Who else runs their club like this?

Jerry Jones is off his rocker making Jason Garrett the highest paid assistant coach in NFL history.

Did Jones not watch his offense go into the tank in December and the playoffs?

All he did was make the ground Wade Phillips stood on as head coach become quicksand.

Garrett is going to make just under three million bucks a year, which is pretty close to what the head coach is making.

Goodness-gracious-sakes-alive!! You can’t have it all Jerry Jones.

There are head coaches in the league who don’t make that scratch in a year.

Wade Phillips deserves some respect. Most coaches who tie a franchise record for wins in a season get a contract extension, but Wade has to watch his offensive coordinator (Garrett) get an extension and a better deal financially than he would have gotten if he took the head coaching gig in Baltimore.

You didn’t see the New England Patriots flip out like this to keep coordinators Romeo Crennell, Charlie Weis, and Eric Mangini. They just promoted other coaches on their staff. The Patriots have a system. A blueprint for winning.

Jerry just keeps trying to hold onto the 90’s.

I like Garrett and I think he is a good coach. He’s not worth nearly three million a season, but it’s not what you are worth–it’s what your agent can negotiate for you.

I think this leaves Wade Phillips…you know the guy who is the head coach…for now, looking like a guy who can do no wrong. It’s Super Bowl or bust.

Count on bust since Phillips doesn’t have a playoff win on his resume.

You don’t see any championship club in the NFL that is operating like this.

It’s like letting your mistress stay in the guest room. Jerry is in love with Jason Garrett, even though he’s married to Wade Phillips.

Sorry, Jerry, you can’t have it all.

Newy Scruggs


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