Grant’s Top 5 Favorite Yankees

Our Emmy winning reporter Grant Stintchfield loves him some Yankees. He’s Nu Yurk kinda guy.

Let me say for the record I hate New York City. I went there one time and hated every minute of it. I paid 9 bucks for oatmeal and 24 dollars for a cheeseburger. I have never seen a sporting even in the Big Apple.

I know I need to visit the city with some locals. My boy of Fox NFL Sunday, Curt Menefee argues with me all the time about my disdain for the Big Apple. Curt hates living in LA, the home of Fox Sports.

Anyway… back to Grant. He says Roger Clemens is his favorite Yankee. I was shocked to read that on his blog called Grant’s Rant. Clemens pitched for Boston for 13 years vs. six in Yankee pinstripes.

Is he really a Yankee?

Here’s Grant’s list:

1. Clemens. (There is a story about my personal experience with him when Daryl Strawberry went missing when I was with WNBC.)
2. Derek Jeter
3. Graig Nettles
4. Mickey Mantle
5. Mickey Rivers

OK, not a bad list. But where is Reggie Jackson, Mr. October? Reggie was the man. I loved Reggie, until I met him in Anaheim. Reggie is the most arrogant athlete I ever met, but he was a heck of a Yankee….T.O. has nothing on Reggie when it comes to loving himself.

What about Ron Guidry? Where’s Thurmon Munson? Yogi Berra? They were great Yankees.

Newy Scruggs


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