Tony Romo Doesn’t Care What You Think

For all those who think Tony Romo was wrong to spend his off time on the bye with in Mexico….he doesn’t care what you think.

I was in the Cowboys locker room today when Romo told over 25 media members, “The perception of me doesn’t affect me at all,” the relaxed Pro Bowl quarterback followed up saying, “I understand that’s what people look at and they like to believe everything they read, and hear, and… stuff. I am content in my own skin.”

In other words, you fans and media can kiss it.

Give Romo credit, he is not trying to live a scripted life like former Texas Ranger and current New York Yankee, Alex Rodriguez. Minus the unknown stripper in A-Rod’s hotel room in Toronto the media took photos of last season. How did A-Rod explain that one to the Mrs.?

“I don’t want to live a life that is fake,” Romo said in defense of his off days south of the border.

“I know what I needed to get myself in a position to hopefully be successful,” Romo said. “You know, people asking for tickets, media requests, all these things doing the weekend – I was able to put the phone aside and get myself ready and watch some football for two straight days. It was really fun and exciting.”

New England’s MVP, Tom Brady, went to New York City to spend time with his model girlfriend during the same time Romo was spotted in Mexico. I guess three Super Bowl rings gives Brady the right to stick and move as he pleases. Romo has yet to win a playoff game…something Eli Manning of the Giants has on his resume now.

Jason Witten and Bobby Carpenter went on that Simpson family vacation, but they don’t play quarterback.

Romo wasn’t mad. He knows it comes with the territory. He also says if the Cowboys do not win on Sunday it will not be because of a trip he took out of town.

Joe Namath, Jr now wears a star on his helmet.

Newy Scruggs


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