Choke Eyes… Err Buckeyes Lose Again

Nice job by #1 ranked Ohio State getting rolled in the BCS Championship game for the second straight season.

Who do they think they are… Oklahoma?

Ohio State got spanked by Florida last year (41-14) in the title game and for the second straight year an SEC team took the ‘ol Bucks behind the woodshed.

LSU tagged ’em 38-24 and the score was not that close.

The Chokeyes came out and had a 10 point lead. Then LSU started whooping ’em. 31 unanswered points! Talk about putting the voo doo on somebody.

All that talk about how Ohio State would be ready this year after having to live with the humiliation Florida gave them last year in Arizona. Ohio State is now 0-9 against the SEC in bowl games.

The critics were right, Ohio State didn’t beat a team in the Top 20 this season. They didn’t deserve to play in the BCS title game for a second year in a row. USC would have played a better game.

Now I must pay my producer Sam Hale $100. I said before the season Les Miles would not win a title…ever…at LSU. I think I’ll pay him in coins. All because the Chokeyes didn’t show up again for the biggest game of the year.

Even Maurice Clarett is ashamed of the Chokeye program right now.

Newy Scruggs

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