Is Roy Williams A Pro Bowler?

Cowboys safety Roy Williams was selected to take the late Sean Taylor’s spot on the NFC Pro Bowl roster.

A lot of Cowboys fans are livid and think he is overrated. A lot of Cowboys fans are also happy because he received a tremendous amount of votes online by the fans.

Did Roy deserve it?

I will say no. I’ll also contradict myself by saying for good players, they will usually make one Pro Bowl roster they shouldn’t have and get snubbed for one as well. It will come out in the wash. He shouldn’t apologize for going back to Hawaii.

Roy Williams is not the same player he was in 2002. Williams has become a suspect in pass coverage. He came to the NFL with that knock against him. Now, he gets exposed in the passing game because the quality of tight ends in the NFC East has improved. Jeremy Shockey and Chris Cooley are Pro Bowlers. L.J. Smith of Philly is a good target when he is healthy.

I like Roy personally and many people know he used to co host our Sunday show Out of Bounds.

Next year he will change his jersey number back to 38. That was his college number at Oklahoma. I hope that brings back the guy who made crushing hits and was a 3-down player.

This year the Cowboys have taken him off the field in some passing situations and moved him to linebacker in certain nickel packages.

We can’t deny this, Williams will play in the Pro Bowl game for the 5th year in a row and the Cowboys will have a club record 12 players on the roster.

Newy Scruggs


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