Sports Illustrated Ranks the Rangers Rotation

Can you say LAST in the American League?.

Jon Weisman is a baseball writer for Sports Illustrated and he ranked all the pitching rotations in the American League. The Texas Rangers were dead last….surprise!

He uses this point system:
• 0 points: below-average pitcher
• 1 point: mystery pitcher – wildly inconsistent pitcher or above-average recent track record but with dubious health
• 1 point: young, up-and-coming minor-league pitcher with above-average potential in 2008
• 2 points: average to above-average pitcher
• 3 points: above-average pitcher
• 4 points: elite pitcher

Texas Rangers (6 points)
• Mystery (2 points): Robinson Tejeda, Jamey Wright
• Up-and-coming (4): Brandon McCarthy, Kason Gabbard, Edinson Volquez, Eric Hurley
• Below-average (0): Kevin Millwood, Kameron Loe, Vicente Padilla, John Rheinecker

Comment: Every third year — 1999, 2002, 2005 — Millwood shines. The Rangers sure would like that trend to continue.

He’ll need to lower the ranking since the Rangers traded Volquez to the Reds.

Newy Scruggs

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