Tuna Con Man Shafts Atlanta

Let’s see, Bill Parcells had a deal worked out with Atlanta to run their football operations, then backed out of that and is looking to take over the football operations for the Miami Dolphins.

Can you say con man?

That is all Parcells is.

He toyed with the Falcons before and backed out of becoming their head coach years ago. The Tuna agreed to take over the Tampa Bay Bucs then left them hanging after agreeing to take over in 2002.

He tried to snake Jerry and get the NY Giants GM job last year, while he was the head coach of the Cowboys. This man is whore.

This is a statement from Falcons owner Arthur Blank on his pursuit of Parcells:

“Late last night it was revealed to the media by a source outside the Falcons that we were close to reaching an agreement with Bill Parcells to lead the club’s football operations.

“Prior to the information becoming public, we had reached an agreement in principle with Parcells, and we met with him this morning to complete the contract. At that time, we were made aware by Parcells that he was considering a revised offer from the Miami Dolphins. He later informed us that he would not be signing a contract with us.

“We remain committed to looking at every option for building a championship-caliber team for our fans. I have stated we will leave no stone unturned in doing so, and this effort is one example of that. We gave it our best shot, and it didn’t work out.”

Poor Arthur Blank. The man is a walking episode of “Punked”, I read that somewhere and thought it was a funny line.

Parcells will go to Miami and I wonder if it will really matter since New England is in the AFC East.

profootballtalk.com is reporting Parcells wanted to take Cowboys player personnel director, Jeff Ireland with him. That move would hurt the Cowboys.

Newy Scruggs

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